Comedian Todd Glass Comes Out

Todd Glass was somewhat of a comedy prodigy, kickstarting his career at the early age of 16. He refined and perfected his craft with material that often mocked the conventions of stand-up comedy. His jokes are satirical and irreverent but always funny. After moving to LA, Glass quickly became a favorite hitting guest spots on Home Improvement, Friends and Married With Children. Todd has also been seen a few feature films including Martin Lawrence’s Rebound. More recently, he’s appeared on Louis CK’s hilarious show, Louie.

In a recent podcast with Marc Maron titled WTF, Todd used the platform and the opportunity to come out of the closet. Lauphspin reports, “after a relatively short introduction, wherein Maron tells his listeners that Glass, 47, wanted to come on the show to say something important, the announcement was made. “He decided that this was the place to do it,” Maron said at the top of the interview. Glass then jokes that he was just there to promote his own podcast. “I thought you were gay,” Maron responds. Glass went on to say, “I have a very hard time saying that. And don’t get this wrong. I don’t want anyone to be ashamed of who they are—especially younger people. I always hated using that term and that’s partly why I’ve always been sympathetic to people who don’t [want to be labeled certain things]. I hate that word. But I like it better than the other word—homosexual.”

Check out more of Todd’s coming out statement below.

I cannot listen to stories about kids killing themselves any longer without thinking, ‘When are you going to have a little blood on your shirt for not being honest about who you are?

I always say, if you are homophobic, you better be positive you’re right. Because is it going to blow [that] all these kids are killing themselves, and that in 20 years, you get to write a book about how wrong you were. They’re dead. So why don’t you have a soul-searching moment now? Go into your house, shut the door, and make sure you’re positive that you’re making kids feel like crap for no good goddamn reason.

We’re going to live to see where they’re embarrassed about what they’re saying. It’s not going to happen in 50 years. In 10 years, they’re going to have to show their grandchildren that, and look like fools. It’s going to be mortifying!