Model Behavior: Tobias Sorensen

Hello all you modelizers. This week’s featured male model was a little delayed due to me feeling under the weather today. After spending five days in Las Vegas with little to no sleep and hitting it hard with a great crew of friends, my body finally told me to eff off and punish me with a cold. Personally, I blame all the recycled air from the casinos and plane for my plight. But enough about me, let’s get on with this week’s featured Model Behavior post.

As promised last week, this week’s selection is courtesy of a suggestion by one of my fellow writers, Redd. So you can thank him for this tasty Danish dish. Tobias Sorenson is a 23-year-old male model born in Denmark. With his extremely sexy scar on his left cheek, Tobias has become a favorite for designers looking for a bad boy edge. Sorensen has been featured in ad campaigns for Iceberg, D&G, Diesel, H&M and Zara. A few publications, Tobias’ face and body have appeared in are Details, GQ and Euroman.

Currently, he’s represented by Ford Models and is a huge money maker for the agency. I have no doubt, he’ll continue to rule the male modeling world and become Denmark’s most notable export since the Vikings. Check out Tobias’ scar and other sexy parts of his body in the pics below.

Tobias Sorensen Model Stats

Height: 6’2″
Waist: 33
Shoe: 10.5
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown

Let’s start off with the obligatory shirtless pic.

That scar is totes sexy.

Tobias front and sorta center.

Not anyone can pull off sashaying acid wash looking jeans with such ease.

Whether on the runway or on the streets, Tobias has it going on.

UGH. What I wouldn’t give to be backstage at a men’s fashion show. I’m such a sucker for defined obliques.

Whip that hair.

Military chic.

Now that’s what I call SexyBack.

LOVE this shot. He looks so peaceful.

Looking pretty in preppy or denim attire.

Why do hot guys wearing wet clothing turn me on so much?

With his dark hair, I never thought he’d be a firecrotch. LOL.

Looking good behind and in front of the camera.

Now this is some interesting bed attire.

He probably smells of such sweet man musk.

Awwwwww. He hearts us.

After checking out all his steamy hot pics, I also need a cigarette.