Jordana Brewster Heads To Southfork For Dallas Reboot

After finally securing the Holy Trinity of the Dallas original, TNT shifts their focus on casting the new generation of hotties that will reside at Southfork Ranch. 30-year-old Demi Moore look-a-like, Jordana Brewster, is the first new cast member of TNT’s “Dallas” reboot. Brewster joins Dallas alums Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray and Larry Hagman.

The latter just recently signed after months of negotiations. Looks like TNT and Hagman found a way to make it all work out to reprise his iconic role as the duplicitous J.R. Ewing. In other words, the network Southfork’ed over the cash. I’m glad they did, because a reboot of this classic primetime soap wouldn’t be the same without him.

Brewster will play the role of Elena, a woman who is at the center of the show’s main love triangle. Her character is described as the gorgeous daughter of the ranch’s cook. The men fighting for her heart will be the offspring of J.R., John Ross, and Bobby Ewing’s adopted son, Christopher. No doubt those boys will also be fighting for control of Ewing Oil, in addition to Brewster’s affection.

With this role, Jordana is heading back to her soap opera roots. She first gained attention during her time on daytime soaps such as “All My Children” and “As The World Turns“. Since then she’s appeared in a few blockbuster movies including “The Fast & The Furious” and some of their sequels including the upcoming “Furious Five“. Hopefully for Jordana, the pilot for “Dallas” gets picked up by TNT. In 2007, she scored the role of Jane Smith, made famous by Angelina Jolie, in the TV adaptation of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith“, but the pilot was never picked up.

Are you at all interested in giving TNT’s reboot of “Dallas” a chance? Or should they just left things alone and let the classic soap remain untouched? With “Charlie’s Angels” coming in Fall 2011 and “Hawaii 5.0” doing solid business on CBS, the 2011-12 season is starting to look like a carbon copy of the late 70s primetime schedule.