Tina Fey Channels Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly For ‘EW’ Cover

EW has one of Hollywood’s leading funny ladies on the cover of their new issue – Tina Fey. Her hit show 30 Rock is soon coming to an end, after seven seasons, 10 Emmys, and countless catchphrases from her character, Liz Lemon: “Blerg! I want to go to there! High-fiving a million angels!”

In the issue, Fey talks about the upcoming season, the other big projects that have kept her busy over the past several years, and what she wants for the future. “I would love to get another TV show on the air someday.” We would love that too, Tina!

Fey looks phenomenal as Audrey Hepburn‘s Holly Golightly character from the infamous Breakfast At Tiffany’s movie. Check out the full magazine cover below, where Tina Fey reenacts the film poster shown on the left in the above header photo. The final season of 30 Rock premieres October 4 at 8pm.