This December, I fell in love with a music duo that has been makin’ me Swoon ever since I listened to their latest EP. Timeflies is a genre-bending talent originally hailing from New York and New Jersey but fully got their start in Boston. In fall 2011, the duo released their first album, The Scotch Tape and out of nowhere, flew to #8 on the overall iTunes chart and peaked at #2 on iTunes pop chart. Vanity Fair even named the duo “musical masterminds”.

Timeflies consists of Rob ‘Rez’ Resnick and Cal Shapiro. Rez majored in music and philosophy in school and got an early start in music production while DJing and playing in various bands. He connected with Cal, a singer and free styler rapper. The rest is musical history with an album, a mixtape and EP under their belts, there’s no telling where these boys are gonna end up in this coming year.

Two weeks ago, I downloaded their EP One Night and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I thought I would include my favorite stand-out tracks below for you to check out. If you like what you hear, download the EP on iTunes.

Timeflies, “Swoon” Music Video

This music video dropped a few weeks ago and shows the boys as they rewind their party antics from the night before. The song shows Cal rapping in the verses and showing off his raspy vocals in the chorus. The chorus is a total earworm and the production of the track total showcases Rez’s ability to step up with the big boys in the music industry.

Timeflies, “Tonight I Can’t Say No” Lyric Video

While Swoon is total club banger, Tonight I Can’t Say No is a total electro-pop ballad in an attempt to win over a girl the boys have played around for a while. In the track, the girl even flips the script a bit to make the boy jealous. Once you hear this track, you won’t be able to say no to its infectious hook and incredibly satisfying lyric.

Timeflies, “Wild Ones” Flo Rida Cover

If you’ve already written these boys off as just another pop-produced duo, think again after hearing their cover of Flo-Rida’s Wild Ones. Cal really shows off his vocal chops on this one while Rez plays some beautiful piano alongside. I love when uptempo tracks get the acoustic/ballad treatment and this is no exception.

For all things Timeflies, check out their website or subscribe to their YouTube channel. You’ll be able to catch a ton of videos of them behind-the-scenes on tour and recording in the studio.