Who’d You Rather: Tebow VS Brady

NFL Playoffs are in full swing gearing up for one of the biggest days of the year – the Super Bowl. I saw a few requests online to have this pairing take place so I am happy to make all your wishes come true. This Wednesday, the battle is between Denver Broncos’ QB Tim Tebow and New England Patriots’ QB Tom Brady. In advanced, you’re welcome.

Tim Tebow, 24, seems to making headlines less for his football skills and more for “relationship” with the divine – and the intervention that seems to be bestowed upon him when all the chips seem to be down. Tebow joined the Broncos in 2010 and is their current quarterback donning the #15. Tebow is a spokesman for Nike, Jockey International and FRS Health Energy. In 2008, he graced the cover of Men’s Health.

Tom Brady, 34, has played in four superbowls and won three of them. He’s also won two Super Bowl MVP awards and holds the NFL record for most touchdown passes in a single season. Brady is unstoppable. Brady has played for the Patriots since 2000 donning #12, and playing quarterback. Brady endorses Nike, Sirius and Visa. Check out photos of the men and vote below.

Tim Tebow

Tom Brady

Tom Brady & Tim Tebow Together

I couldn’t complete this post without this little photo gem!

Who'd You Rather: Tebow VS Brady

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  • Slade

    Tom BRady is super ugly!! just saying LOL!

  • gogo

    Yeah Slade, I don’t get it either. And I’m a super whore who can find something sexy about anyone. I just don’t see it.

  • Brian

    Team TOM all the way!!!!!

  • ADAM

    its tebow time ! you that good christian boy just has to be a freaky freak in the bed .

  • Patrick

    Brady all the way! although the two of them together, minus God, makes for a wonderful fantasy1

  • Choroneko

    Can I have both served on platter drizzled with chocolate syrup?

  • Gary

    Tim Tebow all the way!!! He’s a good person,cos of all the help he’s giving to the Filipinoes!!

  • I like how Tom Brady has the total straight guy body. And Tebow is more well is more…

    Check out all the straight dudes man crushing on Tebow–some would actually go gay:

  • Jeff

    Tom Brady just looks like an average Joe (or Tom I guess) how happens to be good at football. If this is who would you rather are you going to take the average Joe or the not so average (some would argue the best thing to ever grace the NFL) Tim Tebow?

  • Jasonacleghorn

    Tebow only because he’s fuzzier and is known for sucking face with the boys

  • Aaron

    brady looks a bit like Michael C. Hall… just a thought

  • Isabelle

    I was just having this talk with my family, my brothers are crazy football fans and they are arguing about stats and blah blah and I said I’m rooting for Tebow just cuz he’s cute so he gets my vote all the way

  • Ken

    Tim has a better body but Tom is way better looking. I don’t see what some of you see about Tebow. The photo of him with his shirt off about to throw the football looks like he’s constipated. Having said that, the photo of Tom with his shirt off with the windows in the background is not that flattering either! I am surprised at how flabby his body looks. But those eyes and that smile…

  • vdanker

    Tebow is ugly.

  • timmy


  • SteveDenver

    Tom Brady in a heartbeat. Already had Tebow and he’s a boring lay.

  • Miguel

    Sorry, but Tebow is WAAAAAY too high maintenance and has too much drama. I’d be afraid of him crying every time we had sex. He probably has a teeny tiny penis too…”Just saying”

  • Bran

    Brady is so hot , to bad he’s married , she’s one lucky lady.