Who’d You Rather: Tebow VS Sanchez

For this week’s Who’d You Rather, we decided to highlight two NFL quarterbacks that both play for the New York Jets, are both routinely featured in entertainment magazines, and are both 25-years-old. The hotties are Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez.

Tim Tebow is the backup to starter Mark Sanchez and aside from his football and his signature “Tebowing” stance (“the act of kneeling on one knee in prayer with one’s head resting on one’s fist), many have focussed in on the fact that he’s still a virgin. He’s a devout Christian that does a lot for various not-for-profit organizations. Tebow is currently single and looking.

Mark Sanchez on the other hand is not single. He’s actually dating 37-year-old Eva Longaria! You know you’re hot when you’re dating that bombshell! Aside from also being quite philanthropic as well, An interesting fact about Sanchez is that he’s a huge musical theatre fan. “I’ve become a huge fan of musicals since I’ve come to New York, and I’ve taken some heat from guys on the team, believe me.”

Check out some of their photos below and as difficult as it may be, vote on who you’d rather between the two of them.

Tim Tebow

Mark Sanchez

Who'd You Rather: Tebow VS Sanchez

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  • This is the first time I’ve said ‘ew’ to a would you rather!

  • Slade

    This has to be one of the hardest “Who Would You RatherS” I have ever had to make. I have had crushes on both these men for a long time. I think its sweet that Tim is still a virgin… I voted for him!!

  • Evan

    I voted Sanchez because Tebow annoys me.

  • kunt

    i wanna be raped by mark

  • Tim tebow marry me boo