This is why Tilda Swinton is so awesome. “In solidarity. From Russia with love.” That’s what her agent Christian Hodell captioned the photo above a few days ago on Twitter. The Academy Award-winning actress bravely defied Russia’s “gay propaganda” bill and posed for the photo to demonstrate her support for Russia’s LGBT community. An act like this could impose large fines and even imprisonment. Props to Swinton for holding the rainbow flag at the Moscow Kremlin within feet of a patrolling cop car. You go girl.

Just in case you’re planing on traveling to Russia in the near future or attend the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, here’s a heads up. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently signed into law one of the most Draconian anti-gay laws on the planet. Anything considered pro-gay, from gay-affirmative speech, to gays holding hands in public, to even wearing rainbow suspenders is now illegal. The new law also allows the government to arrest and detain gay, or pro-gay, foreigners for up to 14 days before they would then be expelled from the country.

YOWZA. I can’t believe the IOC isn’t taking Russia to task with this. Given that the Olympic movement is all about inclusion and so on, it’s quite hypocritical to allow Russia to hold the games. Don’t you agree? For more info, click here.