Now that The Today Show is consistently in second place to Good Morning America, producers will stop at nothing to get an edge up. Even if that comes at the expense of their guests. Case in point, Tiffani Thiessen’s appearance on today’s episode. The 39-year-old actress (can you believe Kelly Kapowski is that old?) was all ready to play a round of trivia with Today staff when she was blindsided by one of her Saved By The Bell co-stars. Cue Mr. Belding aka Dennis Haskins.

It’s clear from the look on her face that Tiffani was unimpressed and uncomfortable with the situation. Even when Haskins comes over to shake her hand, she’s at a loss for words. You’d think after working for several years together, they’d greet each other with a hug. Once the surprise wore off and reality set it, Thiessen was a good sport and played along. I wouldn’t expect anything else from perky Kelly. After all, she was the most popular girl at Bayside High. Check out the mini Saved By The Bell reunion below.

Saved By The Bell Mini-Reunion

Were you a fan of Saved By The Bell? Who was your favorite character? Would you rather see a Dawson’s Creek or Saved By The Bell reunion happen? Sound off below.