Behind the Cast: TIFF, Residency and Apartment Hunting


Well here I am just about to hit 4 weeks of life in Toronto and I’ve only actually be in the city for maybe 1/2 of that time. There’s been so much travel going on, and even more coming up that it’s been busy, busy, busy since I got here- but so far I’m still loving it.

I decided to put together a quick video-blog to give a quick update on most of what’s been happening and the major things coming up for me, which are (with a little update here as well):

  • My Canadian Residency application
    • Finally approved after almost 2 years of waiting! I turned in my application in October 2007 and it just got approved at the beginning of the month, so now I have to turn in my passport to have a visa put in it and then “land” at any border crossing and I’m finally a landed immigrant.
  • Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
    • The city was abuzz the last couple weeks with TIFF events and I got to see two great films with TIFF. “The Bubble” which is a great Israeli film and “A Single Man” directed by the infamous Tom Ford.
  • Apartment Hunting
    • Headed out tomorrow with a relocation specialist to view some apartments and really need to find something or else I’ll be stuck in temporary housing for another month, which I don’t want to do. I miss my stuff!!
  • Upcoming Travel
    • Life doesn’t show any signs of slowing down for me anytime soon with a slew of upcoming travel to finish my residency application, vacation, Thanksgiving and work trips.

So that’s about it…

  • Sarah C

    How sad is that little kitchen table! Glad things are going well!