Thunderheist…Jerk It

thunderThunderheist is an electro-duo originating from Toronto. This album is mostly electronica infused with oldschool hip-hop and R&B. Each track makes you want to get down and dirty, but not that dirty. With most electronica music it does tend to become repetitive but in a good way. I saw them perform “Nothing 2 Step 2” live on & they were actually pretty good. They were dynamic and entertaining.

Listen to their album from their MySpace page HERE.

However, my favourite track from their debut album is “Jerk It”. Slightly suggestive & sexy (ok maybe not slightly suggestive). They put out a contest for this track and voted on submissions from fans for the video. The best one and I believe this was the one that won below:

  • Thunderheist ROCKS. The entire album is a feel-good, bass-bumping blast. Sweet 16 is one of my favorite songs. If you haven’t checked out the album, you really, really should.

  • Dan

    I. Love. This. Song. Good call Redd!

  • Thanks! Yeah I’m loving this album…it’s Mayjah!

  • Jason C-K

    They are on my work-out pod right now…! (along with MSTR KRFT!).

  • oh wow loved the “jerk it” song and video was awesome too. gonna have to check out this group. thx.

  • wow, just checked out the myspace pg and double omg they are crazy good.

  • Glad you like it gay person! They rock!