3 Thrillers To Make Your Weekend


Hitting the “latest DVD releases” button on Rotten Tomatoes or (god forbid) wandering the stocks of Rogers Video (is that still a store?) is really not the way you should be spending your time looking for the latest and greatest flicks available these days. Really, you should just listen to me 😉

Some of the best films out today aren’t really going to be found in your mainstream conversations concerning the Oscars or what’s new at Silvercity… They’re quietly uttered in hush toned between film aficionado geeks out of the fear that you normies (that’s what we call you), might start putting our little-known-finds on your Facebook favs. Well, hoping to expose some amazing foreign and lesser-known cinema to the readers of Homorazzi, here are three, current top picks of mine (the last being a couple years old but still very much fresh!)



If you haven’t heard of Lars Von Trier before, you’re missing out on a brilliant but VERY cerebral director of some amazing films. Not wanting to waste time on a IMDB review of the guy, he writes very dialogue and emotionally driven work that combine Sartre-esque discussions of existentialism with mythology and religion that rivals a Dan Brown novel.

This movie has only two characters- a married couple dealing with grief- but before you pass this one over, please note that the juxtaposition of current and proven science and therapy with ancient and twisted fables of the origin of evil culminate in one of the more horrific and terrifying 30 last minutes of a film I’ve seen in a while. Definitely not for the stupid or feint of heart… If you don’t watch this I’m going to have to assume you’re one of these by the way so get to downloadin’/rentin! (I’m SURE Videomatica has it in… I’ll let you use my account 😉

Antichrist Trailer



So, remember that time I told you that “Antichrist” had one of the most shocking scenes from a film I’d seen in a while, yeah, this movie makes Lars’ look like Bambi if the part about shooting her mother was taken out.

Following the heart-wrenching tale of two orphans- one a pretty young brunette with a Florence Nightingale syndrome, the other a repeatedly abused and tortured asian whisp with a shotgun and a perma-poltergeist that tears the skin off her back- “Martyrs” is more than just a self-induced version of “Hostel” and introduces an intricate and riveting mythology of its own as the meaning of death is explored in a fashion that can only be attributed to a European (French)-born director.

I winced about 18 times during this movie but could not look away for a second as the story-line supplemented the torturous (to me and the characters in the movie) violence. This movie is dark, depressing, and filled with pained altruism. You need this one!

Martyrs Trailer



Oh Severance… where would I be without you?

Having a bit of a soft side for legitimately funny thrillers, this foreigner topped my list a few years ago when it came out. Not just for using the lovely and talented Surrey-born (but we’ll forgive her) Laura Harris, but for the introduction of British humour so dry you’ll need a bottle of Fiji hooked to an IV just to get through it!

Tracing the doomed steps of a motley crew of “team building” employees looking to bond in the middle of the Eastern European forest… again, I know what you’re thinking: “Hostel”… Admittedly there’s a taste of chains and whips, but the heart of this beauty is in the ridiculous relationships being tried and tested between the hilarious employees as they deal with being hunted. You KNOW that sounds awesome. I know this type of film has a certain following, but honestly, at least watch the trailer and see if you could offer up 90 mins to laugh your ass off.

Severance Trailer

Enjoy if you dare, but absolutely let me know if any of em’ work out for you… or even if you hate em’!

  • LOVE posts like this. Always looking for some new recommendations for thiller/horror movies and although I’ve already seen all of these, it’s nice to see them being dicussed.


  • Jared, you made my day!
    While it sucks you’ve already blazed through these ones, I’m now DETERMINED to find one’s you haven’t had yet!
    Even if you’re the only one readin’ this it’s very cool to know that at least there’s one out there hehe.
    I think my next post will have more of an indie-influx 😉

  • Adam I stopped reading after checking out the first trailer. Scary movies give me nightmares. Give me Bride Wars, Devil Wears Prada and Mean Girls any day.

    Jared: Loved your glossy icon tutorial. It actually took me the length of time you said it would.

  • so, jared is your new best friend is basically what i’m getting here…? good luck with this hot mess jared… she’ll tell you she’s got your back, then she’ll ditch you 8 words into something you spent time on because she hadn’t seen the words “guuurl” or “fierce” yet 😛 x

  • Will X

    All 3 are amazing. Definitely enjoyed Martyrs.

    Adam, have you seen Frontiers and Inside yet? Both are a definite must!

  • HA! Love it.

    Adam – I look forward to the future posts. Be warned, I’ve watched a lot of stuff.

    Donvan – Glad you got something out of the tutorial. I hope to do some more in the future. Oh.. and I suppose I should throw in a guurrrl and a fierce finger-wave ? 😛

  • jon

    so i checked out martyrs after i read this post and my god that was a fucked up movie. thanks for the recommendation!!! i can’t help but wonder what the girl whispered at the end. guess i’ll just have to think of ways to find out……..
    severance is also a great movie. when can i expect your next recommendations?

  • haha i’m too scared to know what she said 😛
    glad people like the recommends! already picked out the next three!! just gotta write the article! 😀

  • Will X, sorry I missed your comment there!

    YES, I have seen Frontieres… love the injection of nazism .. leave it to the french to take torture to a new level with political indoctrination 😛
    as far as “À l’intérieur” goes… i remember seeing it at the store but typically i stay away from dvds with “unrated” on their original release box.. BUT, i’m currently “retrieving the film” right now to give it a try per YOUR request, so i’ll let you know how it goes… two french pics.. vous etes francais vous-meme ou..? ;