Model Behavior: Thomas Ivasaki

As I was searching high and low on the internet for this week’s selection for my Model Behavior feature, I was on a mission to go a little fitness model and more fashion. When I stumbled upon Thomas Ivasaki, immediately I knew I picked a winner. Just look at that profile and lips. Gorgeous. Not only does he look good without his shirt (a Homorazzi requirement), but he’s equally as scrumptious wearing designer clothes.

The 23-year-old sexy beast was born in Brasilia, Brazil and of mixed heritage. He’s part Japanese and part Brazilian. He was discovered in Sao Paolo four years ago and is currently signed with Premier Model Management. Some of his more prominent campaigns include Fila and Skechers. During Project Runway’s fourth season, he was a featured model for the show’s first ever men’s sportwear challenge. Some of the photographers he’s worked with include Daniel Ward, Albert Goquingco and Troy Phillips to name a few.


Height: 6’1
Waist: 30.5
Chest: 38
Shirt: 15-34
Shoe: 10-10.5
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I could sleep for hours on those fluffy pillowy lips.

Japanese genes mixed with Brazilian is definitely a recipe for sexiness.

I liked a sharp-dressed man.

I wonder what his diet consists of to stay lean like that. Perhaps Brazilian steak sushi?

He could do push-ups on top of me anytime.

He sorta looks like Taylor Lautner on the right, but hotter.

I love this shot. It’s so intense and once again, those lips…

Just like Whitney said, a little crack never hurt anyone.

There’s something absolutely sexy about a guy just giving you a peek without showing the full monty. Not that I would mind, but you know what I mean.

As you all know by now, I like to end my model feature posts with a shirtless shot. Here you go.

  • Chico

    a little crack never hurt anybody…hahahaha….i love it!

  • batch

    ooow!!! brazillians are really hot… thomas ivasaki he is really a mouth watering dish in bed. (well metaphorically speaking!)