This week I decided to take a break from all of the sexy Summer Olympic athletes and focus on another well-known athlete worthy of a gold medal in hotness. Scottish international rugby union player, Thom Evans is the Sports Stud that I’m tackling this week. Although he is retired from Rugby after having a serious neck injury a few years ago, he’s still very well known. In 2010, he appeared in the 2010 Dieux du Stade calendar and appeared in full-frontal male nudity. So did his brother Max for that matter (he’s also a rugby a player).

Evans is on the cover of Attitude Magazine this month, with the caption reading, “Thom Evan is not in the Olympics, but he is in his pants. Mr. Kelly Brook is the total package”. In the issue, he apparently gets “down and dirty” as well. Thom Evans has been dating English model, actress, entrepreneur, television presenter and Playboy model Kelly Brook since December of 2010.

Check out Evans pictures below.

Yum, such a hot cover!

A sexy shot by Cameron McNee for the current issue of Attitude Magazine.

Another shot by Cameron McNee for the current issue of Attitude Magazine. “Down & dirty” is right!

Who wears short shorts! Thom does. Check out that body!

Those abs are incredible!

Here he is in the Dieux du Stade with his brother Max.

Here he is again the Dieux du Stade. Apparently his girlfriend Kelly Brook had checked out the calendar and pictures before she went out on a date with him. I guess she wanted to know what she was getting into… or rather what would be getting into her.