Based on my post of the recent Vancouver show for Broken Social Scene, it was recommended that I check out the recently released movie showcasing the band and their musical talent, as a sort of soundtrack if you will, aptly titled This Movie is Broken directed by Bruce McDonald.

The film itself is an indie version of a boy-loves-girl scenario, where unfortunately the girl doesn’t necessarily feel the same about him. The focus of the film is her love for the Toronto band; Broken Social Scene and wanting to see their concert while she is back home in Ontario for a short visit. The film takes place during the city workers strike that forced the concert to be moved to the Harbour Front Center in Toronto.

The boy, Bruno played by Greg Calderone, is madly in love with his schoolgirl crush, Caroline Rush played by Georgina Reilly. The plotline follows their two days spent together, starting with the two of them waking up next to one another…clearly haven’t spent the night together (and making Bruno’s dreams come true). With the help of Bruno’s best friend Blake (played by Kerr Hewitt), the trio ends up scoring tickets to the show and push for backstage passes to add to the mayhem.

The movie is simply stunning, and the plot twist at the end of the movie is incredible to say the least. Although one would expect the girl to change her mind and fall for the boy, there is more to this story than one would suspect.

Also, the highlight of the movie for me was the unexpected boy-on-boy action scene…but you’ll have to see the movie to learn which part I’m referencing!

For more information about this movie, including the trailer, check out the website.