“This Means War” Movie Trailer: What’s A Girl To Do?

Reese Witherspoon is certainly leading a charmed life. Not only is the actress talented and gorgeous, but she also gets to hook up with Hollywood’s hottest guys. Both for business and pleasure. In real life, the petite blond was involved in serious relationships with both Ryan Philippe and Jake Gyllenhaal. Now, on the big screen in “This Means War” she has to choose between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Tough life.

Witherspoon is the object of affection for two friends played by Pine and Hardy. As it turns out, both of them are not only BFFs but also work together as C.I.A. agents. Unbeknownst to them, they don’t realize they’re dating the same girl at first. When they do, they decide to play fair in winning Witherspoon’s heart. Obviously as the title insinuates, things get out of hand and the two pull out all the stops to woo her- this means war… literally.

Also appearing in the film is Chelsea Handler as Witherspoon’s best friend. There’s a line in the trailer at Handler’s expense delivered by the boys that cracked me up. You’ll chuckle as well when you hear it. If you thought the hot quotient factor was high with Pine and Hardy, wait til you hear what other actors were involved with the film previously. Both Sam Worthington (Avatar) and Bradley Cooper (The Hangover) were attached but dropped out for various reasons. Check out the trailer below.

“This Means War” Movie Trailer

It’s a far-fetched storyline, but it looks entertaining. I’ll definitely check it out. The McG-directed film opens February 17, 2012 a few days after Valentine’s Day. A perfect time for this action romantic comedy. If you were Reese, who would you pick? For me, it’s an easy choice. Tom Hardy was previously featured as a Man Crush of mine, while Chris Pine was part of my “5 Guys Everyone Finds Smokin’ Hot… BUT Me” post. Hardy all the way.

  • draven

    hahah this movie is funny but, the add at the edge of the screen with the guy in his underware is freaking awkward