Sports Stud: Theo Walcott

After one of our readers recommended him as a Sports Stud feature a couple weeks ago, this week we have the sexy Theo Walcott in the spotlight. Walcott is a 24-year-old English footballer who plays as a forward for Arsenal and the England national team. His speed and kick have made him ideal in his position as a winger or a striker.

Walcott is really one to watch out for on the field and has been breaking records left, right and center. He topped the Arsenal scoring charts in 2012/13, becoming the sixth player in the Arsène Wenger era to reach 20 goals in a season.

This week, Walcott was spotted in Vegas, cuddling up with his buddies as they relaxed by the pool while celebrating a stag. Definitely some bromancing going on. Well, without further delay, check out the photos below!

  • where are the bromancing pictures that you mentioned above?

  • Anon

    Kind of an odd picture showing a diagram of his innards.