The Zombie Syndrome

Okay. Ali and I took in one of the most unique shows slash performance arts projects hitting the streets of Vancouver. The ‘show’ is titled The Zombie Syndrome, and I’m honestly struggling with how to even classify this piece of work. The show itself takes place on the streets of Vancouver, and includes constant movement from all of the participants and audience members!

I received a phone call and voice message the day before the show letting me know exactly where Ali and I needed to meet, aptly dubbed ‘the secret rendezvous point’. We were joined by seven other people, and were quickly swept up into a world of science and the need for all of us to save the world from an apparent zombie invasion. Man, I love me some zombies! And Vancouver was the perfect backdrop for this unique play of sorts.

I’ve been forbidden to tell you anymore about the play, other than it is completely interactive from an audience perspective, requiring several people to use their phones and help uncover the mystery and steps of the story. It’s a brilliant concept, and wonderfully crafted by The Virtual Stage. I honestly want to spill my guts about this experience, but you really have to see it for yourself!

The cast is brilliant in each of their roles, and the surprise twists around each corner kept us laughing and engaged from start to finish. I will warn you, use the bathroom first as there isn’t a break in the journey to stop! Ali almost learned the hard way…

Seriously, check out this performance. It’s on now, running through Oct. 31, 2012. It’s the perfect event to help get you in the Halloween spirit! We took the tour during the afternoon, which was the right thing to do if you scare easy…

For more information about the show, The Virtual Stage, and to get tickets, pop over to the following website:

Get out and see this show, you won’t be disappointed!

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