The X Factor US: Ranking Top 9 Performances (Video)

Welcome to “X Factor Gives Back“. Didn’t last night’s “Giving Thanks” show seem awfully similar to American Idol’s Inspirational Songs week for their fundraising “Idol Gives Back” specials? It definitely did for me, without all the 1-800 numbers to donate monies. Given that it’s Thanksgiving this week, the theme was appropriate.

Since the contestants dedicated their song choice to the ones they were most thankful for, I thought I’d take this opportunity to say what I’m thankful for (X Factor related). I’m extremely thankful the producers decided to eliminate two acts this week. Let’s get rid of some of the dead weight and kick this show in to high gear. At least the ones voted off will get to spend Thanksgiving with their families this holiday weekend. Plus they get to take advantage of all those Black Friday sales.

In honor of the feel-good schmaltzy vibe of the show, I’ve decided to follow the old adage of, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all“. You’ll only read positive feedback from me and I’ll try to stay away from the negative. Try, being the operative word. Don’t worry, this is a one-week special. By the time the turkey comes out as poop, I’ll be back to giving both good and bad feedback. Check out all of this week’s videos below.

The Performances

Rachel Crow

Song: I Believe by Yolanda Adams

Great song choice. Loved this song from “Honey” starring Jessica Alba. Rachel is probably the sole female left in the competition that can sing both uptempo songs and ballads equally as well. I admit, her package had me choked up. I’m sure plenty of viewers felt the same way. She’s not going anywhere.

Marcus Canty

Song: A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men

By far, he had the best visuals during his performance. The family pictures interspersed with camera shots of Marcus’ mom in the audience really amped up the sentimental factor. Once again, great song choice. I like Marcus, but think he might be in danger.

Melanie Amaro

Song: The World’s Greatest by R. Kelly

Her package was a little preachy for my taste, but I’m a huge Melanie fan so I’m willing to overlook it. Thought she nailed it. This was probably as close as we’re ever going to get to see Melanie sing an uptempo song. I’m glad she showed a bit of personality this week. She was in danger of coming off as boring (see Idol’s Tamyra Gray). Letting out her emotions will go far with viewers and win over fans. Who else loved that her island accent came out? Ya man.

Chris Rene

Song: Let It Be by The Beatles

Typically, I’m hot and cold with Chris. This week, I was all hot and bothered. I really thought he nailed it. It was cool, sexy and hot. Bonus points for picking a non-relative to honor. His recap clip at the end of the show did him no favors. The producers jacked him by not picking his best parts to highlight.

Lakoda Rayne

Song: You Belong with Me by Taylor Swift

Say what you will about these ladies, but I love them. They need to stay, if not only to keep a bit of diversity on the show. I love my R&B but think it’s over-saturated with contestants representing that genre. It started off weak but picked up when my girls Hayley and Paige took over. Poor Kari let her emotions take over after seeing their clip just seconds before their performance. Speaking of which, I fear that since they had the least engaging “sob story” package, they are a shoo-in for the bottom three.

LeRoy Bell

Song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

Did you ever think you’d hear LeRoy cover Sarah McLachlan? Not me. Definitely an unexpected song choice. He did a solid job, but nothing that will stand out when it comes to voting. Definite danger.


Song: Show Me What You Got by Jay-Z

Remember what I said earlier about not saying anything if it wasn’t nice. That’s all…


Song: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

I kinda get LA Reid’s criticism every week about Drew’s performances melding into one, but he should’ve skipped this week. Not only did he seem cold-hearted but he came off like an idiot when he insinuated the song was performed by a mature artist. Thankfully Paula corrected him and said it was sung by 19-year-old Lovato.

Josh Krajcik

Song: Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones

By far his best performance. I was captivated from the first stroke of the piano keys. Great way to close out the show.


9. Marcus Canty
8. Astro
7. Lakoda Rayne
6. Rachel Crow
5. LeRoy Bell
4. Drew
3. Chris Rene
2. Melanie Amaro
1. Josh Krajcik


Overall, it was a solid show with no one really bombing. I really hope American votes based on performance and not on who had the most compelling sob story. No one likes to be the receiver of pity votes. Last week’s shocking results have me perplexed on where America’s head is at. I’m thinking Astro, Marcus Canty and Lakoda Rayne will be in the bottom three with Marcus receiving the least amount of votes. I don’t think Astro did enough to erase last week’s tantrum from the audience’s memories. Everyone deserves a second chance, but I think last night was it.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed Lakoda Rayne survives another week. Once again, I’ll state they aren’t the best vocalists but they have wicked potential and could do some damage on the Billboard charts. The girls just need to work on harmonies a bit more. Keep in mind, these girls haven’t known each other for very long.

Who do you think will go? How would you rate this week’s performances? Post your rankings below.

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  • CT

    awww, why did Leroy have to go and sing the sad puppies song. now I gotta go save a dog from the pound

  • LS

    Damn… Lakoda Rayne. </3