The X Factor US: Top 7 Results (Discuss)

Before we get to tonight’s results, I just wanted to quickly chat about the latest “X Factor” judging rumor. Did you hear that the powers-that-be are contemplating swapping Kelly Rowland and Nicole Scherzinger for next season? Obviously being a huge Kelly fan, I’m in favor of this. Nicole has a better sales track record across the pond and vice versa for Kelly here in North America. Plus, I haven’t been super impressed with Scherzinger this season so I’d welcome the change. If they don’t do a switcheroo, I’d be up for Cheryl Cole coming back also.

Speaking of Cole, doesn’t it seem like Simon Cowell is pushing a UK agenda on “The X Factor“. He’s brought over Steve Jones and the aforementioned Cole, albeit a short stay. Then Jessie J performed a couple weeks ago and tonight UK rapper Tinie Tempah did his thing. Not that I’m complaining because I love London and UK pop music, but just noticed the heavy Brit presence.

Top 7 Group Performance

Keeping in line with this week’s Michael Jackson theme, the Top 7 sang the iconic “Man In The Mirror“. For me, Melanie stood out. With LeRoy Bell eliminated, no one missed their cues when it came time to sing. TGIF!!!

The Eliminations

Let’s get to the task at hand. First one to be called safe by Steve Jones is Chris Rene. WOOT. WOOT. Definitely loving this. Melanie Amaro and Rachel Crow are next to advance. After Tempah’s performance, the last to automatically go forward to the next round is Josh Krajcik. I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised. I thought Drew had a bigger fan base than Rachel or Chris Rene.

This leaves Astro, Drew and Marcus Canty in the bottom three. Jones reveals that Astro received the least amount of votes and is eliminated. He’s surprisingly upbeat and gracious. Say what you will about him, but it seems he learned a big lesson from his tantrum a few weeks ago. Bravo, Astro.

Save Me Songs


Song: Listen To Your Heart by Roxette

She did a much better job of singing Roxette’s other ballad during the judge’s home. Drew’s voice cracks up a few times during her performance, which is understandable given the circumstances. Keep in mind, she’s still young and the amount of emotions she’s experiencing, I can’t even imagine. Especially for her age.

Marcus Canty

Song: Neither One of Us by Gladys Knight & the Pips

One of my favorite songs ever from Gladys Knight. Marcus is also a bit crackly but he’s definitely emoting. His elimination might not be a foregone conclusion.

The Deliberation

Obviously both Simon and LA stand by their singers, which leaves it up to squiggly and diddley as Cowell likes to refer to Paula and Nicole. It looks like Scherzinger is leaning towards keeping Drew, but shocks me and saves Marcus instead. If Paula keeps Drew, then America’s vote is the deciding factor. Shockingly, she also saves Marcus, thereby eliminating Drew. SHOCKER. I can’t believe Drew is gone.

At this point, Drew is inconsolable and crying her heart out. I feel so bad for. Simon on his part is visibly pissed at the other three judges. He won’t even answer Steve’s questions and refuses to comment about Nicole and Paula’s decision. Drew you will be missed.

Next Week’s Viewers Choice

Earlier in the show Steve announced the Top 5 will be performing two songs each next week. In a fun twist, each singer’s second song will be decided by America’s votes. LOVE IT. Here are the options for each act. Be sure to head to to cast your vote.

  • Chris Rene: My Love Is Your Love, Angel Of The Morning, Fly
  • Josh Krajcik: Chasing Pavements, Everytime You Go Away, Come Together
  • Marcus Canty: We Belong Together, Saving All My Love For You, I’ll Make Love To You
  • Melanie Amaro: Hero, I Didn’t Know My Own Strength, The Voice Within
  • Rachel Crow: Forget You, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Valerie

What did you think of the results? Are you as shocked as me? Will you miss either Astro or Drew? Who do you think will be eliminated next? Post all your thoughts below.

  • Ricky

    Astro is a spoiled little bitch. Good riddance. Sad to see Drew go. She was talented and more importantly, unique. Marcus is talented but will get lost on the radio, if he ever makes it there. Melanie is still my favorite though.

  • Leon

    I am devastated ! I love drew so much. Her voice is magic, to me she had the best voice in the competition. There was a real sensitivity in all her performance. To me she was the real artist among the girls. Her sound was unique and refreshing, compared to the other contestants (exept rachel and josh may be), that have voices that are very common.

    I don’t get all this melanie amaro love. Yes she is very very good vocally…. But she is not charismatic and she is not original at all. She is plain. I would see her doing back vocals for some singer like beyonce or doing wedding gigs.

    I’ll miss Drew, when she sings she enlights everything around (even my shity days haha).

  • carol

    I was totally shocked to see that Drew was sent home. I think that it had something to do with the bickering between Simon and the others but that is really a shame that Drew had to suffer because of it. I think that it was a big mistake; even if Drew wasn’t the winner in the finale I think that her style of singing would have been more sellable than Marcus. I know Simon was really po’ed by Paula sending her home. I’m sure they will have words. This won’t be the end of Drew; she has an amazing beautiful voice. She reminds me of SARAH MCLACHLAN style and I absolutely love her music.

  • Del

    I was/am actually quite upset to see these results, especially since tonight is the second appearance of Marcus in the bottom two. Despite what Paula and Nicole have to say, America clearly doesn’t want him on this program if this is the second consecutive week he has been there.

    Drew – her voice isn’t fabulous, but it certainly has a unique taste, much like Janet Devlin – which is clearly the route Simon was taking with her … funny that they both get eliminated in the same week from their competitions.

    I will say this, I love a Simon full of rage – and I pity those other judges on that panel, and each of their acts. Say what you want about the man, but he is a pure genius – and he puts the rest of them to shame.

    He WILL slit their throats now. I can’t wait.

  • mickey

    Marcus doesn’t have a great voice. I think once the judges listen to the playback, they’ll be a little embarrassed.

  • LS

    just an FYI, Drew sang It Must Have Been Love at the judges’ homes.

  • Blue

    This show is lame now. Drew didnt deserve to be eliminated. Hate this show. Chris, Marcus and Rachel suck and I refuse to watch with LA and Nicole still there. I dont know what Paula was thinking either.

  • ePastorJames

    It’s about time I posted on here after lurking. I’m so glad SOMEONE gets Chris René aside from my boyfriend Cliff and me, at least amongst the bloggers. (The frau probably love him, haha.)

    This was never a strictly-vocal-ability competition; otherwise, Astro would be ineligible. Chris is not the most technically proficient vocalist, but instead, he’s a great recording artist. He knows himself musically, his singing is distinct and has conviction in the lyrics (you believe what he sings), and I really prefer his rapping, actually. I like his phrasing and delivery–I connect with him and find it really effective and enjoyable.

    I definitely want an album from this guy. Across TXF and AI, he’s a very refreshing type of contestant. He’s sorta like a male Cher Lloyd, and we needed that here on these American shows!

    So happy he’s in the Top 5, and hope we get at least two more weeks of him (Marcus probably being toast next week), if not see him into the Final.

  • ePastorJames

    Sorry for my lengthy comment, but I’ve barely felt any urge to talk about this rather dull season until now, haha.

    BTW, for those choices above, I would LOVE to hear Chris do the original Wyclef-Jean-produced version of “My Love Is Your Love”. That is 100% him as an artist/contestant, and could be one of his best performances yet.

    That being said, that song brings me back to awkward middle school dances. I loved the Jonathan Peters remix, haha.

    You have great taste, Donovan! Love reading your articles on here.

  • @LS. Thanks. I’ve edited my error.

    HAHA @ Del, I can’t wait to see the aftermath of this. I hope the other judges feel the wrath of Cowell to the hilt.

    @ePastorJames Awww. Glad you love reading my posts. Definitely appreciate it.

    @Blue. I definitely agree with you on how lame both Nicole and LA are. They’re making the show about them and not about the artists.

  • Lisadj523

    I am sadden to see Astro get eliminated. If this competition is truly based on talent….Astro is much of a better rapper than Chris Renee. Now I am not trying to put Chris Renee down, but he is copying his style from Drake (whom is much better vocally than Chris). I am proud of Chris and all his accomplihments…..but he is just not all of that to me! Also, I m reading everyone’s comments about Drew. I understand she is young, but honestly she is boring! I believe Marcus CanTy is the better performer.

  • Lisadj523

    I am sadden to see Astro get eliminated. If this competition is truly based on talent….Astro is much of a better rapper than Chris Renee. Now I am not trying to put Chris Renee down, but he is copying his style from Drake (whom is much better vocally than Chris). I am proud of Chris and all his accomplishments…..but he is just not all of that to me! Also, I m reading everyone’s comments about Drew. I understand she is young, but honestly she is boring! I believe Marcus CanTy is the better performer.

  • CT

    I wish they would just have the person with the lowest amounts of votes go home, because with the way the show is set up is now, it makes it seem like the other judges were voting the way they did just to sabotage Simon and keep him from being the only one with all his contestants. maybe they actually thought Marcus was better, but the set-up of the show makes it seem suspicious

  • Del Stamp


    If it’s anything like the UK, they will release the amount of votes for each week when the competition has ended.

    It’s the shows obligation to the public 🙂

  • Del Stamp

    … so I guess we’ll see in a few weeks who the people wanted to depart 😀

    No doubt it will be Marcus (next in line from Astro) for this week … and the week of Astro and Lady Francis that it would have been Astro.

  • CT

    So now that Melanie’s main competition was eliminated in one of the worst judging mistakes, I’m guessing the final 3 is going to be Melanie, Chris, and Josh, with Melanie winning it all?

  • Alan

    I really hate Chris’s version of “I’ll Be There”..
    That’s so insane and the arrangement is so weird..
    I can’t accept his version of that song..
    Drew’s voice is great.. I think she did a really great job…
    Astro’s attitude has problem and bottoms up!!
    he is out~~
    I will miss Drew a lot~ She is not a diva, but she is definitely has an unique voice and her singing is original and pure…
    And, I hate all the judges except simon…

  • Aqua

    I hope this show gets cancelled for the next season..Its turning out to be the shittiest competition show… Eliminating all the good singers is just Bullshit… First Stacy then Drew… What the Fuck.. Simon head is in his ASS like always .. its all about him … In the end i am sure Simon and LA will battle it out…

    STACY was ROBBED … If this show were based on vocals and true X factor then Stacy shouldve been in top 5 atleast… The Only person right now who I think doesnt deserve to be in top 5 is Markus/Chris … I wish Stacy would replace those Losers…

    Soo Fucking Glad ASSSSSSTRRROOO is gone.. He was a Piece of Shit… The most Arrogant young Bastard on TV ever ….

  • JubesJubes

    @Aqua Stacey was never special, she was just sulky whenever she got criticised and turned people off. Astro was just a little racist in training with a chip on his shoulder. The same shit like Kanye West, who thinks he’s the King of Shit Mountain but everyone can see he’s just full of contempt and insecurity. Meh!