This week’s recap is going to be quick and dirty. I just got home after an early screening of “New Year’s Eve” and have to power through a few posts before going night night. Plus there’s “Revenge“, “ANTM“, and “Modern Family” to watch still.

The show began with recapping last week’s shocking results. They sure are milking it aren’t they. Simon, who’s still bitter, promises the other judges “game on” this week. He was all talk in the end. He never really threw anyone under the bus. That said, he gave a couple of great zingers at Nicole Scherzinger’s expense. I wonder if it’s all for show, or if he really can’t stand the former PCD.

Tonight, the remaining five finalists sang two songs each. The first being a dance track and the second was supposed to be the Pepsi Challenge. Due to some technical difficulties, which we were never privy to, the viewer voted songs will be postponed til next week. Instead, the contestants have to sing their “save me” songs. With less than a day to prepare, the mentors and singers scramble to get the job done. See how they all fared below.

This Week’s Performances (Dance Round)

Melanie Amaro

Song: Someone Like You by Adele

The lower register is a tad rough but she soars during all the money notes. Does Simon forget that gays watch this show? Like we’ve never heard the dance remix of this track. I love Melanie but she, nor he, did anything differently from the remix. That said, I liked it even though it ended too soon and abruptly.

Marcus Canty

Song: Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan

Love Chaka Khan and this song. Marcus didn’t embarrass himself and does a solid job but not enough to escape being in the bottom two.

Rachel Crow

Song: Nothin’ on You by B.o.B.

Very age appropriate. As it should, considering she picked the song herself. Was LA trying to rattle Rachel with his line of questioning? Rachel proved quick on her feet and gave a cute and sassy response to his ridiculous statement. She may not win this thing, but this girl is a star. I see a Nickelodeon sitcom coming soon.

Josh Krajcik

Song: We Found Love by Rihanna

I really thought Josh was in serious jeopardy given the parameters of this round. He’s a great singer but not suited for dance music. Surprisingly, I loved it. It actually took me a few moments before I realized it was Rihanna’s current hit. He really made it his own with the Coldplay-ish sounding backtrack.

Chris Rene

Song: Live Your Life by T.I. & Rihanna

Wow, two Rihanna songs in a row. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t classify this as dance music. Regardless, I enjoyed it. I really hope he makes the Final 4.

First Round Rankings

Hands down, Josh owned this round. What helped him win so soundly was he picked a song by a female artist. Therefore, it was easier to make it his own when he sang it. Great song choice on Josh and Nicole Scherzinger’s part.

5. Marcus Canty
4. Rachel Crow
3. Melanie Amaro
2. Chris Rene
1. Josh Krajcik

This Week’s Performances (Save Me Song Round)

Melanie Amaro

Song: When You Believe by Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

Melanie may not be Adele, but she’s Mariah and Whitney combined. This might be sacrilegious but there were moments when she out-Whitney’d Whitney. I agree with LA that it was expected, but it was still phenomenal. You don’t watch a Sandra Bullock rom-com looking for a Sylvester Stallone action movie.

Marcus Canty

Song: A Song for You by Leon Russell

Marcus saaaaaaaaaaaaang the hell out of this. By far his best vocal performance of the competition. Still, I wish Drew wasn’t eliminated last week. If not only to see her squirm during the dance round.

Rachel Crow

Song: Music and Me by Michael Jackson

On paper, it was a great song choice. She has a similar tone to a prepubescent Michael Jackson. For some reason, she never really hit her stride. It was a tad pitchy and not her best performance. She might be in jeopardy after this.

Josh Krajcik

Song: Something by The Beatles

Josh is on fire tonight. Another great vocal. I find him a tad boring but tonight he won me over. He sang it so well, I thought I was back in Vegas watching The Beatles Cirque show, Love.

Chris Rene

Song: Where Do We Go From Here by Chris Rene

Man, Chris was amazing on his original song. Sure the lyrics were simplistic and repetitive. If he wasn’t repeating the song title, he was adding a couple of uhhs, ahhhs and other random sounds. That said, his tone was beyond sexy. I’ll admit it, if I was a girl, I’d totes do him.

Second Round Rankings

Ranking this second set of performances was quite difficult. With exception of Rachel, the other four killed it and were neck and neck. Purely on my own personal musical tastes, I would rank them in the following order.

5. Rachel Crow
4. Josh Krajcik
3. Marcus Canty
2. Melanie Amaro
1. Chris Rene


Melanie, Chris, Rachel and Josh have never been in the bottom before, but one of them will know what it feels like tomorrow. I’d be completely shocked if Marcus doesn’t end up there for a third week in a row. In my opinion, I think Rachel Crow should join him. If the judges are really out to get Simon, then it’s hasta la vista for Crow, but I think Marcus’ time has finally run out.

Who do you think will go? How would you rate this week’s performances? Post your rankings below.

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