SPOILER ALERT: Have The Top 16 X Factor US Finalists Been Revealed?

I am loving on The X Factor this season. I have to admit, I initially tuned in to see the one and only Britney Spears judge future music hopefuls but have been the most plesantly surprised by the witty musings of one, Demi Lovato. Between her and Simon’s playful banter to Britney’s encyclopaedia and of hilarious faces and reactions, L.A. Reid is nothing more than a paperweight for me at this point. Aww, poor L.A..

With last week’s episodes showing us the drama that was boot camp, I am thoroughly excited to check out what goes down at judges homes with some very special guests including will.i.am, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas and Mark Anthony? Yes, I too am puzzled by Simon Cowell’s choice of guest mentor there.

Over the weekend, rumors and spoilers began to swirl around the internet of just who had made it through to judges homes and even who the top 16 finalists are. After a few list changes and some more sources coming forward, it looks like a pretty legimate list has surfaced. While nothing is obviously confirmed, I thought I would share what has come forward so far with you and discuss these choices. Remember, NOTHING IS CONFIRMED so don’t panic if one, two or five of your favorites aren’t on the following list. This so far is just a lot of speculation and rumors. Check it below.

12-16s Mentored by Britney Spears

  • Carly Rose Sonenclar
  • Diamond White
  • Beatrice Miller
  • Arin Ray

Originally, Demi Lovato was scheduled to take the young ones but in a sudden switch, they were bestowed upon Miss Britney Spears. The apparent reason behind this was to give Britney a better shot of having a pupil that could potentially win the entire competition. Hmmm. Sounds a little suspicious. I am happy with the list above. Anyone missing that you think should be there? Sound off in the comments.

17-24s Mentored by Demi Lovato

  • Paige Thomas
  • Cece Frey
  • Willie Jones
  • Jennel Garcia

Between this group and the 12 to 16s, not a lot of boys representing. It seems as those the girls were the true power houses over at judges homes… allegedly. One person I immediately noticed that wasn’t in this group is Jillian Jensen. After her powerful first audition and her strong performance at boot camp I thought for sure she’d be a shoe-in. Could she be an oversite or the season’s possible wild card?

Groups Mentored by Simon Cowell

  • Manufactured Girlband (Dinah Jane, Ally Brooke, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello & Normani Kordei)
  • Emblem3
  • One4Five (Lyric Da Queen added in)
  • Manufactured Boyband (Austin Corini, Brandan Hassan, Johnny Maxwell, Josh Metzler & Owen Stuart)

It doesn’t surprise me that Simon Cowell opted to take the groups. After the success he’s discovered with One Direction, I imagine that he is trying to reciprocate that same fame and fortune here in the United States. Just like 1D, Simon has fabricated two super groups out both female and male soloists. He also reformulated another group (One4Five) by adding rapper Lyric Da Queen. A strong choice in my opinion. I am also glad to see Emblem3 on the list. The boys are STARS and after watching a few older YouTube videos of them, I think these boys actually have potential to go all the way. Side Note: Dope Crisis is also rumored to be in here somewhere…

Over 25 Mentored by LA Reid

  • Tate Stevens
  • David Correy
  • Vino Allan
  • Jason Brock

Last but not least, the over 25s mentored by L.A. Reid. The previews for this coming week’s episodes make it look as thought L.A. may not be happy with the group he has been given. Could this be true? Although he has all boys, I think that’s a solid group of men to compete. But where are some of the talented older women we saw during boot camp? And wehere is one of my favorites, Jeffrey Gutt? Anyone missing for you?

What do you think of this rumored Top 16? Share all your thoughts below.


  • Scott

    I hope this list is wrong cause i really love Jeffrey Gutt and he deserves to go to the live show!!

  • James

    I hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE Cece.

  • Isabelle

    I hope its wrong too, Jeff is the only one I was truly rooting for. As for Simon having Marc mentor with him I love it, Marc is a legend in my community and a powerhouse, its so good to see him on TV.
    Out of that list I do like Vino, Jason, Diamond, and Willie.

  • Jason

    JILLIAN JENSON!!!! I was sooo moved by her audition ! Her voice is unique and she exudes so much emotion!!

  • Jason

    JENSEN* I should say … oops!

  • I really hope this list is wrong because I was loving Jillian Jensen! I was also loving the young hottie Owen Stuart. But if the list is correct I am loving Jennel, Cece, and Diamond.

  • LIN

    If Jillian Jensen isn’t on niether will my tv! She’s the most unique soul touching singer, person on that show.
    Cece is a spoiled brat with a cocky attitude and she’s her biggest fan! She doesn’t come close to Jillian’s talent.

  • rogelio

    CeCe is a bitch and has a diva attitude. But she has determination, talent and she will be a good character to create some good drama… Drama means ratings…

  • Adam

    Tyrell, I know you said not to freak out but NO JILLIAN JENSEN?!?! Why would you make me watch that episode and love her only to take her away.. if this list is true, we’re fighting 😛 also, i think the old group is lame and do NOT see them winning.

    Hope there’s something wrong with the list.

  • Eric

    If Panda doesn’t’ make it, I will be pissed

  • Bo

    I want to see Jefferey GUTT ,the best voice on the show!!!!!

  • Jen

    Sooooo disappointed Jeffrey Gutt was cut. He was my pick from day one. Can’t believe it.

  • laura

    I think it should be Jillian instead of Paige. And, I think Tara Simon should have made it.

  • Panda

    WTF Where’s Tara Simon?!?????

  • josh


  • Mark

    Where’s Jillian?

  • JT

    Damm if this list is right I’m not watching anymore. Where is Jillian Jensen?

  • Meredith

    Everybody I liked made it on! 🙂

  • Maci

    Honestly, the only category I’m interested in is the 17-24s because I LOVE Jillian Jensen’s voice but I actually think this may be correct. I have followed on twitter for a while since before the show and I remember her tweeting from LA (she leaves location details on sometimes) and after she said she was flying home. Nick Youngerman also flew home the same day as they were talking on twitter and after seeing his performance at judges houses I think it’s safe to say he didn’t get through. Jillian has also been saying since her time in LA about going to Europe in March 2013 — she last tweeted about it today actually. Surely if she got through she would have to stick to a schedule put on by the show and wouldn’t be able to do her own thing. I hope I’m wrong and she goes to lives because I would also like to see how the rest of America perceives her when it comes to the public vote and of course she deserves it but all evidence I can see is saying it isn’t good news 🙁

  • Maci

    Following on from my last comment, I have read on another site that there could be a “wildcard” act this year as apparently the schedule for the show would allow for an extra act to be added. I have done a bit of research tonight and seen that on the UK version of the show they have a “wildcard” act. This year the judges got to take another act as their “wildcard” so there were 4 in total and the home audience voted on which of the acts they would like to see on lives. I hope it works like this here, I mean it’s Simon’s show so he should keep the same format. Jillian needs to be the “wildcard” act 🙂

  • Tsi

    James Tanner or (JT), the caucasian rapper makes it to the live shows!!!

  • lazershus

    ugh, i don’t really want arin in, i would have rather seen reed deming, the other lists i don’t really mind. surprised jillian’s gone but she was never one of my favourites anyway.

  • Leah

    No chance Jillian Jensen doesn’t make the LIVE shows. NO CHANCE. I bet she doesn’t get picked by Demi which is probably why the preview for next week showed Jillian and Janelle hugging and bawling. But the producers will seize the moment and have Demi breaking down, some drama and Simon and co bringing back Jillian as the wild card. With the recent suicide cos of bullying, there is ZERO chance that the producers won’t use Jillian as the beacon for fighting bullying. Besides, she’s actually talented. She’s got a great story edited for her and is the type of people that Middle America will vote for. I think she’s a sweet girl, she’s really talented but based on talent, marketability and star power alone, love them or hate them…Carly Rose, Diamond, Cece and a couple of the groups Simon made will go far if not win.

  • Erica

    Ok so I am totally happy with the list. Great choices but I am with you Leah. There is no way Jillian Jenson can, will or should go home. I am super excited to see this list. There is great talent on this show.

  • devonte

    I don’t care about all those other people going home but JULLIAN should have stayed what was demi thinking when she got rid of her I hope she is the wild card or something and I like her friendship with jannel, I hate cece its just something about her that I don’t like, I’m glad that for the kids carly made it, and for the groups emblem 3 and lyric the queen and the all girls group made it

  • Sarah

    It will be interesting to see if this list holds true when the episode premieres. I admit that I will be a little disappointed if Darryl Black is not included in L.A.’s group. Otherwise, this list is very close to the one that a co-worker at DISH and I predicted. It seems like it will be a very emotional episode tomorrow, I am glad that even with my late train I wont miss anything with my Hopper. I have been putting its 2,000 hours of recording space to good use with the amount of shows that I watch. There is nothing better than coming home after a long day and listening to the talented singers of The X Factor. At this stage of the competition, it will be very heartbreaking to see the people that worked so hard go home. But the fact that they got this far is impressive and I hope that it gives them determination to not give up in the future.

  • Mac

    Jillian Jensen didn’t make it???? Not watching the show.

  • Daniel

    WHERE’S JILLIAN JENSEN???????????!!!!!!!!!!

  • arjay dumaguit

    i am hoping for reed deming. . .

  • Joseph Episcope

    I hope they all made Top 16:

    Britney Spears:
    Teens – Here is my favorite teen singers: Reed Deming and James Tanner. I hope Britney Spears choose Reed and James into live shows because they are great male singers.

    Demi Lovato:
    Young Adult – Here is my favorite young adult singer: Nick Youngerman. I hope Demi choose Nick into live shows because he is a great male singer.

    Simon Cowell
    Groups – Here is my favorite group singers: Emblem 3 and Playback. I hope Simon choose Emblem 3 and Playback into live shoes because they are great group singers.

  • Chrissy

    As long as Tara Simon doesn’t make it, all will be good! She’s got an ego the size of her a$$ … HUGE!

  • justin

    im so pissed off that Emblem3 made it when they are a complete group who need to grow the fuck up. they get a rare chance to audition for simon cowell and dont even bother to rehearse and make there song perfect and instead they just act like a bunch of clowns who cant wear a shirt for some reason. tara simon was robbed since she is one of the best singers in her category and i find it very sexist for them to have only one female and cut her. she is a way better singer than the country guy who made it and the jackass david. hes cool but isnt a star. im over cece from the first time she came on and jennel her uncomfortable sexy dancing is way too annoying. i wish she would understand that girl got no rhythm and needs to stop with it. stop messing with her hair and trying to shake an ass thats no there. im only rooting for 4 acts god i hate american x-factor and the bullshit that is la reid.

  • justin

    made so many typos in my post, i think i got really pissed off at these results.

  • i haate that jillian went home they should bring her back shes the reason why i like watching the show she should have went threw hands down im so upset shes off they should bring her back on

  • jeffrey Fans

    We Want Jeffery Adam Gutt Back Or We Quit