FOX is expected to make a formal announcement tomorrow when production begins in Charleston, N.C., but is confirming the official judging lineup for The X Factor Season 3. Unlike previous seasons, or any singing show for that matter, the panel will consist of three ladies and one man. The complete opposite of The Voice’s current format of three men and one woman. I’m sure Simon Cowell won’t mind sharing the spotlight with three talented and attracted women.

As previously reported, it appears Kelly Rowland is heading back to the X Factor family. The 32-year-old singer previously sat on the panel on the UK version, the year Little Mix won. Find out who the third judge is below. Here’s a hint: Cowell is adding a little bit of spice.

Taking a page from their NBC rival, The X Factor looked to Latin music to occupy the fourth seat- Latin dance music superstar Paulina Rubio who previously judged the Mexican version of The Voice. While not a household name like Shakira, Rubio’s addition is a smart one. All three women represent different music genres and women of all ages. Pop singer Lovato (20), R&B singer Rowland (32) and Rubio (41) make for a diverse and beautiful trio. The unique heavy female presence will make for an excellent focal point in FOX’s marketing campaign.

What do you think of Simon Cowell’s angels? Do you think it’s a good direction instead of hiring big names without previous judging experience? We all saw how that worked out for newbies Mariah Carey and Britney Spears. Both failed to deliver despite their huge salaries. Who do you think will have the best chemistry with Cowell? Sound off below.