Panda Ross For President!!!” That’s what Nic and Matt, who came over for an impromptu X Factor viewing party, and myself kept chanting during Panda Ross’ audition. The 42-year-old barista instantly won us over with her sparkling personality. From the second she came on stage and declared her love to Simon Cowell by showing off her “single” necklace, we knew we were in for an audition we wouldn’t forget.

Panda had us in stitches when she explained how her name came to be. Apparently, her mom was in prison with a white cellmate and had the brilliant idea to name her after the black and white animal. You can’t make this sh*t up. Ross sealed the deal and solidified our adoration with her surprisingly powerful voice. She killed Sam Cooke’s “Bring it On Home“. She’s definitely the show’s black Susan Boyle.

When her audition ended, Ross still had more surprises in store for us. She began collecting mucous and required medical attention. As she was being wheeled out on a stretcher, Ross kept on entertaining with her comments. If she doesn’t win X Factor, some network should give this woman her own reality show. She’s television gold. Check out her unforgettable package below, along with other memorable moments from the episode after that.

X Factor Season 2 Episode 3 Memorable Moments

Meet Panda Ross

Meet Jessica Espinoza

Obviously, Jessica was going to be great. After all, she did receive the coveted pimp spot in the episode. Sounded phenomenal. Once she gets a makeover, chica is going to do well. Good voice and likeable personality. Win, win.

Meet Jeremiah & Josh

Their performance was a bit pedestrian. This audition was all about Britney during the judges’ critique. Her series of facial reactions and hand gestures had us in stitches. We rewound it several times, cracking up even more with each viewing.

Meet Ally Brooke

She reminded me of Selena. Not Selena Gomez, but rather Tejano singer Selena, or as Nic referred to her as, “dead Selena“. Holy inappropriateness. I’d love to hear Ally sing something else besides this mind-numbing boring song. Be sure to watch her wail on and on even after the music stops. HIL-AR-IOUS.

Meet Sister C

Mark my words, this sister act is heading all the way to the live rounds. They’re definitely a modern day Dixie Chicks. That said, they need to ditch their lame name. The blond wearing the jeans has the best voice of the three.

Meet CeCe Frey

She butchered “Unchained Melody“, but did Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” justice. That said, even if she sings everything perfectly from here on out, there is no way in hell she is winning. CeCe (with no space) definitely received the dreaded bitch edit of the episode. Whether she was playing mind games with other contestants or whining about a pep squad, girlfriend certainly didn’t win over too many viewers with her snarky attitude.

Meet Rizzloe Jones

This adorable rapper was on the receiving end of one of CeCe’s bitchy remarks, but he showed her when he slayed it on stage. Rizzloe (love the name) impressed all the judges with his impromptu lyrics, incorporating words like “marshmallow” and “X Factor” given to him by Lovato and Reid respectively.

Meet Citizen

Agree with Simon that they were dated. At first glance, Nic, Matt and myself all thought Patrick was super cute. Then, the more he spoke, the more we were turned off. Came off a tad douchey, don’t you think?

Britney Spears Sings “Happy Birthday” to L.A. Reid

Matt jokingly said this was probably the first time Britney’s sang live since 1999. LOL. Admittedly, I was also caught off track hearing her without autotune 😉 You go Brit!!!

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Did you watch last night’s X Factor episode? Are you in love with Panda Ross as much as we are? If not, who was your favorite? Do you think we’ve already met this season’s winner? Sound off below. For more auditions from Episode 3, head over to X Factor’s official YouTube channel.