Just when you thought all of The X Factor casting was over, you may have forgotten about the host(s). This season there are two hosts and the cat seems to be finally out of the bag as to who they are. That’s right, there are two. Up until this point, there has been plenty of speculation, just as was the case when they were casting the judges. Now, Perez Hilton has revealed exclusively who the two hosts are.

I actually think the two that have apparently been chosen will make a great team and great hosts. They both have experience in hosting capacities and they’re both recognizable faces and liked by many. One of them is a little more controversial than the other, but I think this person will prove skeptics wrong and they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

The hosts are officially Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez, according to Perez Hilton. I think they make a great pair and I can’t wait to see them once their hosting roles start. I’m loving The X Factor right now and find myself looking forward to it each week. I was previously over all of the singing shows but this new season of judges and hosts has lured me in.

What do you think about the hosts that have been chosen?