The BIG night has finally arrived. Since I have to head out the second The X Factor reveals the results, I’m going to write my recap as it happens live. It’s real-time blogging ya’ll. Carly Rose is probably going to win this thing, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fifth Harmony pulls an upset. Like they sang, “Anything Could Happen.” Without further delay, let’s get the ball rolling.

The action kicks off with Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian on the red carpet. Side note: Khloe’s green lace dress is really pretty. All of a sudden, the judges start arriving via SUVs. As they get out of their ride, either Khloe or Mario interview them. Note to Simon Cowell, this isn’t the Golden Globes or the Academy Awards. This is kinda ridiculous. Even Lopez feels like a glorified valet. Speaking of Cowell, Khloe continues her streak of shamelessly flirting with him. Commenting how she loves his hairy chest. LOL. Demi looks pretty in her metallic mini.

FILLER ALERT: A recap of last night’s performances. BOO. The judges then enter the studio with Europe’s “The Final Countdown” playing in the backdrop. Didn’t they use the same music last year? Someone needs to allocate more $$$ to acquiring more tunes.

After a technical glitch delaying the Final 3’s entrances, production finally gets it together. Props to Mario for trying to humorously trying to make light of the awkward situation. Just like the judges, Tate Stevens, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Fifth Harmony also arrive in black SUVs. As they get out, they belt out The Beatle’s “All You Need Is Love.”

Okay, I take back my comment about the red carpet being cheesy. I’m kinda liking the vibe with the performance. Side note: I wonder if the photographers are legit media or simply fillers pretending to be paparazzi?

As the Final 3 make their way to the stage, they bump into eliminated Top 13 acts. It’s kind of the X Factor’s version of the fallen heroes segment of Survivor. LOL. Clearly, it’s staged, but the hug between Diamond White and Carly Rose seemed genuine. You know what, it may sound lame, but the whole thing had a sort of Love, Actually vibe to it. I approve.


A cute montage of all of LA Reid’s hand gestures is shown depicting him as some sort of a conductor/maestro. Like Mickey Mouse in Fantasia, but not πŸ˜‰ He then introduces his act, Tate Stevens who performs “Please Come Home for Christmas” who’s accompanied by some trampy pink-clad backup dancers. Nothing says holiday spirit than that. A video showing some shoutouts from Tate’s hometown friends and family follows. I’m a little surprised that Stevens isn’t balling more πŸ˜‰


Now, it’s Simon’s turn in the spotlight. The producers are trying to paint him as the mean judge, but it’s not working. All these jabs pail in comparison to all the zingers he used to dish on American Idol. The Brit then introduces his “favorite group of the moment” (HAHA). Sorry One Direction πŸ˜‰ They slightly butcher “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” The production is cute, but Dina is trying to channel Mariah Carey circa “All I Want For Christmas Is You” a little too much. Girl, you’re good, but please stop trying to hit those Mariah high notes. Like Stevens, the girls get a package showing confessionals from loved ones. Naturally, all the girls are sobbing. Most notably when Ally’s grandmother pops up. If you recall, Ally lost her grandfather a couple of weeks back.


BEST.VIDEO.PACKAGE.EVER!!! Britney’s facial reactions throughout the series have been one of the highlights from her coming on board. Obviously, the producers are going to exploit them. The video montage of Brit’s faces is effin’ hilarious. This needs to play on loop. I’m sure it would garner higher ratings *wink*. Spears introduces Sonenclar who tackles Mariah’s classic holiday track. Not to sound like a hater, but I expected more from Carly Rose. She’s not killing it and at some moments is a bit flat. OUCH. Oh, well. It doesn’t matter anymore. Cue heart-wrenching video.


First Elimination

It’s time for one of the acts to go figuratively home. LA Reid, Cowell and Spears all stand by their acts to hear the news. Who will it be? Placing in 3rd place is… FIFTH HARMONY. Youse girls were ROBBED. Simon doesn’t look impressed. I feel you Simon. Lopez compares them to little Rockys. So true. Such underdogs.

After the 5H girls answer a few questions, Simon says he has a feeling that we’ll be seeing and hearing this girls a lot more in the future. DUH. Of course Cowell is going to milk these girls. They came in third like One Direction. Here’s hoping they achieve the same kind of success. They put up a good fight. Congrats ladies.


Both Carly Rose and Tate are accompanied by their families backstage. Khloe (who BTW does a wardrobe change) asks each respective group the same insightful questions… NOT. At least she looks slammin’ in the dress, but that headpiece needs to go.

A montage of all the memorable moments from the season follows to the tune of Florence & The Machine’s “Shake It Off.” PANDA ROSS!!! I forgot about my favorite pneumonia patient. I wish the producers showed her more during boot camp. LOL at the image of Jason Brock groping his Asian male backup dancer. We all know she loves her rice πŸ˜‰

After the montage, Mario asks each judge what their favorite moment of the season was. Here are their replies:

  • LA: The moment Tate Stevens auditioned and said he does rap.
  • Britney: The whole experience. Eyeroll. (Answer the question, beyotch.)
  • Demi: Sitting by the panel beside Simon. (Someone is sucking up for a job next season)
  • Simon: Working with the groups and getting an act in the finals (Ouch. Was that a slight dig at Paula Abdul who had all the groups out by Week 5?)

Khloe then asks a few of the eliminated Top 13 acts a couple of questions. Vino Alan and Diamond White answer theirs fine, but tank top douche guy from Emblem3 jabbers something about all renting a cabin in Whistler (HOLLA) to go snowboarding. WTF??? Even Mario has to laugh at that ridic comment.


Pitbull performs “Don’t Stop The Party” and “Feel This Moment.” I know there are a few haters who don’t like Pitbull here, but I really like “Don’t Stop The Party”. That said, I agree with those of you who thought he probably shouldn’t have closed out this year’s Divas Live concert. Gotta give this dude credit for working the circuit performing this track whenever he can. Papa’s got some bills to pay.


Finally, it’s Demi’s turn to get a greatest hits reel of her finest X Factor moments. Naturally, it’s all about her sibling banter with Cowell. She’s feisty, if you didn’t know. Best exchange was Simon saying if he had a dog, he’d call her Demi. She quickly responds saying she’d name her pig Simon. Girl can give as good as she takes πŸ˜‰

One Direction then pops up to perform their latest single, “Kiss You.” The set has a whole 80s Atari feel to it. Love the nostalgic vibe, including the giant lips. So glad Zayn got rid of that heinous skunk streak in his hair. So much more handsome without it.


The remaining two acts perform a duet. Dare I say it, but did Tate Stevens just out-sing Carly Rose on Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb?” I think he did. To be fair, it is in his country wheelhouse. I wonder if the Final 3 all practiced this same track? I wonder what parts were assigned to Fifth Harmony if they advanced.


The Winner of X Factor Is…

After some self-patting how great the X Factor app is, the results are finally revealed. LA and Britney walk out with their acts to face the music. With 35 million votes cast, the winner of the second season of X Factor is… Side Note: Another wardrobe change by Khloe. My least favorite outfit of the night.

OMFG. Tate Stevens just won the whole EFFIN THING. My worst fears came true. The vote splitting between Carly Rose and Fifth Harmony benefited Tate. That said, watching the utter jubilation on his face is amazing. Congrats on LA for leaving X Factor with a win under his belt. Poor Carly Rose. She looks sad, but not NEARLY as despondent as Britney. That promised win when she signed her contract never came to fruition πŸ˜‰

Are you shocked with the results? Did the right person win X Factor? What was your favorite moment from Season 2? Do you think Britney, Demi, Khloe and Mario will be back? Or are we in store for a few months with numerous casting rumors? Sound off below. Congratulations Tate Stevens.