Ethan Hawke’s Life Falls Apart In “The Woman In The Fifth” Trailer

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie with Ethan Hawke, so when I saw this trailer for ‘The Woman In The Fifth,’ it definitely piqued my interest.

Hawke plays Tom Ricks, an American writer who moves to Paris to be closer to his young daughter who is living with his estranged ex-wife. Completely broke, he gets a job as a night guard for a local crime boss. Situated in a basement office, his only task is to push a button when a bell rings. In the quiet of the night, he hopes that he’ll find focus for writing his new novel. During the day, his life starts to get a little more exciting when he become romantically involved with a widow named Margit (Kristin Scott Thomas). The mysterious woman sets the following rules for their meetings: she will only see him at her apartment in the fifth arrondissement, at 5pm sharp, twice a week and he should ask no questions about her work or her past life. Very bizarre.

Things start to get intense when people around Tom start dying. He starts to believe that a dark force has entered his life that punishes anyone who has recently done him wrong. After he is accused of murdering his neighbor, he uses his weekly visits to Margit’s place as an alibi. The problem is he learns that she hasn’t lived at this address for the past 15 years. WFT? Check out the trailer below.