The Wolf of Wall Street didn’t exactly set box office records with its opening, but it managed to set another record. According to Wikipedia, the Leonardo DiCaprio film set an all-time record for using the f-word in an American feature film. “F*ck” and its variants were uttered a whopping 506 times during the three hour epic. Given that the film is all about excess, it’s only fitting that excessive use of the expletive was used.

Paramount’s R-rated film isn’t the only one on Martin Scorsese’s resume that features plenty of swearing. The Oscar-winning director has two other projects in the f-word top 20, including Casino (422) and Goodfellas (300).

The previous record holder for a non-documentary was Spike Lee’s 1999 film Summer of Sam which used the word 435 times. Not surprisingly, the overall record belongs to a documentary titled… F*ck which is about the word.