watchmen1Last night I scored free tickets to the advanced screening of the Watchmen. With all of the hype around this movie, and it’s cult following from the comic book/nerd/graphic novel genre, I thought I should check it out. Largely because Joel is into this sort of thing and I thought it in my best interest to have a valid opinion on the film, as I’m sure he and his friends will be discussing it for weeks to come.

My opinion likely won’t match those of the latest movie critics, as my rating is based primarily on the amount of full-frontal male nudity that occurs in the movie. Granted, this is all computer generated and exists on man made up entirely of electricity, with blue skin, it’s still amazing real. His body was designed around what most would consider the ‘ideal male form’ with every single muscle perfectly defined, complimented by his standoffish, lack-of-emotion characteristics. Essentially, a straight man, who has spent the last twelve years in the gym and doesn’t have a clue what sugar tastes like.

The movie itself is well done, and the director (most popular from his work on 300) deserves props for his efforts. Not having read the graphic novel myself, my original view of the film wasn’t as hopeful as those who have already fallen in love with the story, so my apologies to those who don’t agree with stance.

For all you homo-geeks out there, enjoy. It really is worth the time in the theatres (almost three hours at that)!