The Boys From The Wanted Reveal Their Man Crushes

Nothing is hotter than a straight guy, confident in his sexuality, openly admitting when he finds another male attractive. Come on, don’t tell me you think that’s a little sexy. Well, the lastest men to admit their attraction for the same sex are the members of The Wanted. I love these boys’ nonchalant attitude and carefree speech. It definitely adds to their charm. While sitting down with the Philippines edition of Cosmopolitan, the boys dished on which celebrity men they are crushing on.

“I don’t have a problem admitting that anyone is good looking — for example, I think Siva has the jaw structure of an angel, like it was carved by Michelangelo,” says member Jay McGuiness. “I guess some men just find it a little awkward — but I couldn’t tell you why.” In saying that, Jay probably has the most interesting choice in man crush. The reason for his selection? “He’s a brilliant director.” Jay’s choice alone makes Max George change his vote to a fellow bandmate. Check out who the boys picked as their man crushes and sound off on their choices below.

Jay Crushes On James Cameron

Max Crushes On Jay

Siva Crushes On Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Tom Crush On Patrick Stewart

Nathan Crushes On David Beckham

Looks like Nathan and Siva are the only two men who REALLY have man crushes on some hunky men. Which Wanted member is your current man crush? If you want some more man crushable candy, check out Donovan’s weekly feature.

  • andrew

    I who am “straight” have a man crush on Cristiano Ronaldo. All right, so I’m not straight. I will bet you, if they tell the truth, a lot of straight guys do have man crushes on that Portuguese god.

  • Andrew

    My man crush would be on Jake Gyllenhaal. He sure has grown into a fine man – looks and personality-wise!