Tickle me happy! The Wanted have finally debuted the music video for their latest single, I Found You. The track debuted via radio a few months ago but finally, a visual has surfaced. A lot of people were quick to judge the song and it’s throwback, disco, falsetto nature- the part of the song that I love the most. The juxtaposition that the video creates only makes me love the track, and the boys even more.

Each of the members had fans wheeling all day teasing that the video would show the boys in a whole other light. They weren’t kidding. Definitely assuring us that they are nothing like the other European boy band, *cough* One Direction *cough* the boys took a more, rough around the edges, badass kind of approach and boy, does the brooding look ever look good on Max, Tom, Siva, Nathan and Jay. Woof!

In the clip, the boys do some of their best pensive walking in dark clothing with a canine counterpart. We find out they are on there way to rescue a damsel in distress… or so we think. The boys hit an abandoned complex only to kick some major ass to find their tied up leading lady. I can’t lie, there was a moment where I thought all of the boys were going to share her. That however, isn’t the case. The end definitely has a twist you won’t expect. Check out the new music video below.

The Wanted, “I Found You”

What did you guys think of the video? So far, fans are responding quite positively to the more mature side of The Wanted. Check out a few of my favorite comments that fans have left under the video below. Some of them are absolutely hilarious.

MrsMax George:
Tom walking LIKE A? BOSS 😀

stephanie torres:
Thanks? to The Wanted
My Ovaries = Exploded

Maria del Mar Luna Ramirez:
hmm…. half of the video i was like “i know they’re? friends and everything.. but they’re not going to share the girl.. are they?

OMG i’m actually dead…this is my? ghost typing…i…idek

Oh, The Wanted fans. You never cease to make me laugh and/or smile.