Both “Pop Idol” and “The X Factor” originated from the UK to become global phenomenons with their various incarnations. Now Jolly Ole England is looking to import a popular singing competition instead of exporting one. With “The Voice” battling it out for supremacy with “American Idol” in the United States, it only makes sense the Dutch-originated show is finding its way to British television. Starting on Saturday March 24, “The Voice UK” premieres on BBC and aims to be supplant “The X Factor” as the top talent show in the UK.

Even though “The Voice” hasn’t produced a bonafide star as of yet, I really do enjoy watching the show and not just because of the those cool swivel chairs. Rather, I enjoy the chemistry of Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton much more than the judging panels on the other shows. Based on newly released teasers for the UK version, it seems that they’ve cast four equally appealing judges across the pond. Taking on the mentoring judge roles on “The Voice UK” are Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones, and The Script frontman Danny O’Donoghue. The four of them look like they’re having lots of fun, especially Jessie J. She looks a little cray cray, but in a good way. Check out the clips below.

Speaking to Yahoo, Tom Jones talked about why the blind auditions were important and how they related to his early career.

“When I first came to London in 1963 and tried to get a record contract some people said ‘you look too macho’. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones had just broken. They said you don’t look boyish enough, curly hair doesn’t work anymore. They were looking at me before they were listening to me. That hasn’t really changed. That’s why I think The Voice is very important.” – Tom Jones

I admit I’m becoming overloaded with singing competitions, but I will definitely give the UK version of “The Voice” a try. How about you? Sound off below.