The Voice: The Coaches Pose With Their Teams

It’s official. NBC’s “The Voice” is a hit. After a surprisingly strong debut last week, beating the likes of “Glee” and “Dancing with the Stars” in the coveted 18-49 demo, the second showing did even better. Last night’s episode jumped an impressive 10% and is getting extremely close to DWTS’ overall viewers. In fact, the dancing competition was down substantially from last week’s episode. With the success of “The Voice”, I’m a little worried that by the time Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” debuts, people will be sick of singing competitions.

While last week’s episode blew me out of the water, the second was less impressive. The debut show was jam-packed with talent, while the second half of the blind auditions was lackluster. I was going to do a recap with all the auditions but wasn’t as inspired as last week. That said, I’m looking forward to the next phase of the competition- the Battle Round.

For the next portion of the show, each coach will bring in experts to help them elevate their team members to a whole new level. Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine will be joined by guest mentors Reba McEntire, Monica, Sia and music producer Adam Blackstone respectively. After each coach is left with only four acts, the live performances begin. That will be the true test if this show truly has better talent than Idol. Levine commented during last night’s show, that the rejects should try out on the other competition since they weren’t good enough for “The Voice”. Way harsh, Tai. Way harsh.

Team Cee-Lo Green

(left to right: Kelsey Rey, Tori & Taylor, Niki Dawson, Curtis Grimes, Tje Austin, Emily Valentine, Nakia, Vicci Martinez)

For me, Cee-Lo has the best team. My favorites are Kelsey Rey, Vicci Martinez and Tje Austin. Hopefully none of these will face against each other during the battle round, increasing their chances of advancing to the next round. With his awesome productions kills, Cee-Lo, IMHO, will be the best coach.

Team Christina Aguilera

(left to right: Cherie Oakley, Justin Grennan, Tarralyn Ramsey, Frenchie Davis, Lily Elise, Raquel Castro, Julia Eason, Beverly McClellan)

Christina’s team is heavily packed with wannabe divas and one divo. LOL. While I like both Frenchie and Tarrlyn, sadly only one will advance. Based on the previews for next week, these two will battle it out to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Boo. Why did Christina pair them up and more importantly, who will she pick to move forward? My other favorites on her team are Lily Elise, Justin Grennan and Julia Eason.

Team Adam Levine

(left to right: Casey Desmond, Tim Mahoney, Casey Weston, Angela Wolff, Javier Colon, Rebecca Loebe, Devon Barley, Jeff Jenkins)

While Christina has mostly divas and Blake has country-sounding artists, Adam Levine has the most hodge podge team of them all. He was the last coach to fill up his team. With exception to Javier Colon, Rebecca Loebe, Angela Wolff and Jeff Jenkins, I’m not really feeling the rest of his team. Having said that, it probably means someone from his team wins 😉

Team Blake Shelton

(left to right:
Xenia, Sara Oromchi, Tyler Robinson, Jared Blake, Dia Frampton, Elenowen, Patrick Thomas, Serabee)

Last night, two singers attempted to sing Blake Shelton’s fiancee’s songs and both didn’t advance. Lesson to all future auditioners, don’t sing any Miranda Lambert songs if you want Blake to pick you. I’m sorta diggin’ Blake’s team. Most of them are understated and don’t have in-your-face personalities, which I like. I’m rooting for Xenia, Elenowen, Dia Frampton and Tyler Robinson.

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Did you catch last night’s episode? Do you think “The Voice” has legs to give Idol a run for its money? Which coach has the best team, and which artist has what it takes to win the whole thing? Post your predictions below.

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