With ‘The Voice‘ premiering right after the Super Bowl tonight, they certainly should have a kick ass commercial to lure people in – and they do! The Super Bowl commercial for The Voice has just been revealed, titled “Vocal Kombat,” featuring the judges battling it out over an incredible voice they all hear coming from somewhere inside the hotel.

Christina Aguilera is the first to make an attempt to get to the voice, but not before Blake Shelton stops ties her up and throws her across the room. Adam Levine is watching from above and makes him move on Shelton. One of them comes out on top and has to then face off with Cee-Lo Green. It’s so over the top and amazing.

When they all finally make it to the hotel room to discover who had been singing in the shower with such an amazing voice, they discover that it’s Betty White (who else!). What she says to them is hilarious. Enjoy the commercial below and be sure to tune into the series premiere tonight after the Super Bowl!