The Voice Semifinal Video Performances (My Rankings)

Last week Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine’s teams took to the stage and performed for a spot in the semifinals. After a week of voting and purchasing singles on iTunes, the results were in. First up to hear how his team fared was Cee Lo Green. Earning the most votes from the viewing public was Vicci Martinez. Definitely a no-brainer there. With the Thompson sisters, Nakia and Curtis Grimes left, Cee Lo hummed and hawed before saving Nakia. SHOCKER… not really. Green has had a big boy bond with Nakia since the beginning.

Next up was Adam Levine, who BTW was kinda of a douche tonight. He claimed to never had heard of two of the eight songs performed tonight. Levine went as far to say that one of the contestants sang it better than Adam Lambert. Out of line, dude… out of line. Any opportunity Levine can give a dig to American Idol, he’ll take it. Getting the free pass to the semis via the public vote was Javier Colon. Levine then, surprisingly, picks Casey Weston over Jeff Jenkins. Thank GOD!!! I was hoping he’d do that, but didn’t think he would.

With last week’s results now revealed, we now know the Top 8. Overall, I’m okay with the results. There isn’t one person I feel doesn’t deserve a spot there. Well done America and judges. Speaking of which, three of them took to the stage tonight. Shelton performed his current hit with his two ladies (Dia Frampton and Xenia), while Adam Levine reunited with his Maroon 5 bandmates to perform a duet with Christina Aguilera. It actually wasn’t half bad. Check out the the semifinal performances below and see who has the goods to advance to the finals.

Team Christina Aguilera

With two such powerful vocalists on her team, you’d think Christina would have the upper hand in the competition. Maybe on Idol, but not so much on “The Voice”. On this vocal competition show, it’s about tone and having a unique voice. I love Frenchie but her voice is nothing special and she proved it when Madonna’s backup singer (on the original track) out saaaaang her on the parts of the song. Beverly has the more unique voice and the public has already connected with her as evident by the public votes. Once again, she did a solid job, so I think Beverly is safe.

Frenchie Davis

Song: Like A Prayer by Madonna

Beverly McClellan

Song: The Thrill Is Gone by Roy Hawkins

Team Cee Lo Green

It’s obvious who Cee Lo wants in the finals *cough* Vicci Martinez. She got the pimp spot and some great production for her live performance. Plus, she got a wicked pompadour hairstyle this week. Based on tonight’s showing, I predict another win by Vicci in terms of the viewers. I also think she’ll get most of Cee Lo’s votes too. See you in the finals, girl.


Song: Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert

Vicci Martinez

Song: Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine

Team Blake Shelton

Blake was the only coach NOT to save his viewer votes winner for the second performance. Instead, he gave it to his precious Xenia. I’m not sure why, because Dia is killing it terms of iTunes sales. I predict, Frampton will move an impressive haul again with her R.E.M. cover. Once again, Xenia let her nerves get to her. She’s got a great tone, but limited in range and in confidence. Hopefully, Blake didn’t award her 99 out of his 100 votes to save this choking teen.

Dia Frampton

Song: Losing My Religion by R.E.M.


Song: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script

Team Adam Levine

By far, Adam had the strongest team tonight. Sure, Casey sounded a little goatish with her rendition of Dolly Parton’s ballad, but I loved it. If Javier didn’t have a huge following, established before the first show even aired, I’d give Casey a shot of making it to the finals. Unfortunately, the promos leading up to The Voice’s premiere heavily featured Javier, giving him a huge advantage. Too bad, Casey wasn’t on another team *cough* Aguilera’s.

Casey Weston

Song: I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

Javier Colon

Song: Fix You by Coldplay

My Rankings

1. Vicci Martinez
2. Dia Frampton
3. Javier Colon
4. Casey Weston
5. Beverly McClellan
6. Nakia
7. Frenchie Davis
8. Xenia

Once again, I got 3 out of 4 correct last week. I would’ve gotten four right, but thought Adam Levine would go for fan favorite Jeff Jenkins instead of the more talented Casey Weston. Surprisingly, Levine displayed good taste and picked Casey. Tomorrow’s results show will be tricky since we don’t know how the judges divided their respective 100 pts amongst their two team members. Based on performances, I’m hoping Javier Colon (Levine), Vicci Martinez (Green), Dia Frampton (Shelton) and Beverly McClellan (Aguilera) advance. Too bad, we couldn’t replace Aguilera’s spot and swap it for a second one to Levine. I really want Casey in the finals. She deserves it more than anyone on Xtina’s team.

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  • Beverly’s performance gave me shivers!!! Ugh!

  • Josh

    more like too bad Adam can’t sacrifice his one to let both of Xtina’s through. Frenchie and Beverly are so much better than the other three it’s not even funny

  • Jérémy

    I’m on team Beverly. Her voice is the most unique of the bunch, and she nailed that performance. I know you like Casey but it’s was just too goatey for me.

  • Anthony

    Woah… Adam should give his spot to Christina… Frenchie and Beverly are far superior to Casey and Javier… Casey is so boring and Javier is the sappiest singer of the bunch (his song choices have been True Colours, Angel and Fix You — huge sentiment whoring).

    Dia is still my girl but Beverly and Frenchie are next in line…

  • Gabriel

    I looooove Beverly, Javier, Dia and Vicki and I hope they all make the finals. Although Frenchie is definitely a powerhouse, X-tina has given her sh*t song selections. therefore ultimately setting her up for failure (I think Frenchie would thrive with a ballad or something mid-tempo). I digress. As for Casey, she is a hot mess with a bad attitude, weak voice and horrible fashion and Xenia needs to woman up and act like she’s on national television! At any rate, next week should be interesting and I predict that Javier will take it all.

  • CT

    we had three of the gay move on to the semi-finals, and two of them were saved by America

  • I absolutely Love Frenchie and Beverly. Too bad they can’t both move on. I don’t know why you like Casey or Vicci though. Casey was a hot mess with too much vibrato going on in her piece. Vicci did do a pretty good homage to the Florence song, but lets be honest here, it aint never gonna match up to red headed sista’s NO WAY! Seriously though, Vicci was very breathy and tried way to hard for soulful belting during her rendition when the song called for a more meaningful quality softness, not good.
    @Gabriel I agree with you, Frenchie keeps getting all these disco pop ballads, which she rocks out, but if she was given a ballad like Beverly it would be such an epic battle to make it to the finals. This way, it’s like Christina is TELLING us who to vote for.

  • Eric

    Personally I’m not sure of the appeal of Javier. Certainly he has the technically best voice of ALL the contestants. But there isn’t anything special or star quality about it. I actually felt that team Adam is the only team with no shot to win. If you want to talk about contestants giving up spots for other teams I think both Javier and Casey (who I do like more then Javier) would be more appropriate to relinquish their spots.