The Original Judges Reunite For The Voice Season 5 Promo

“Reunited and it feels so good.” NBC couldn’t have picked a better tagline to promote the upcoming season of The Voice. The OG judges are back together after a season break. Say what you will about Christina Aguilera, but her chemistry with her male counterparts is television gold.

It’ll be interesting to see how she’ll be after taking a season off. Will a kinder and more likeable Xtina show up on set now that she’s lost some weight and looks fabulous? I hope so. I really want another coach besides Blake Shelton to win for a change. Three seasons in a row is too much. If anyone needs to sit out next season he should. I’d love to see a panel with Usher, Christina, Shakira and Adam. Mark Burnett make it happen. Check out the newly-release promo video and posters below.

It’s Back – The Voice

  • cisco

    Beautiful people,sans Carson Daily!! Yuck!!

  • Dani

    Hi, can you help me please? I am trying to get a poster of Xtina as a gift for my daughter´s birthday. This picture is gorgeous. How or where can I get what I am looking for? Can you help me? All my searches in google are not working for me. I need help from someone who knows more than I do about this stuff. Many thanks. Dani