She’s Baaaaaaaaack, Christina Aguilera Returns To The Voice

Like it or not, Christina Aguilera is taking back what’s hers. reports the 32-year-old is officially returning to The Voice for Season 5. She took a break this season to promote her latest album Lotus. Rumor has it that she’s receiving $17 million to sit her butt back in those red swivel chairs.

Truth be told, I’m a little surprised she’s coming back and for that hefty salary. Ratings have actually increased and not dropped with the addition of Usher and Shakira. What does this mean for the “Hips Don’t Like” singer? With her in the midst of producing her own album, she’ll probably go on tour to promote it. I wonder if this means Cee Lo Green is also heading back. I like Green, but it’ll be interesting to see X-tina’s chemistry with Usher.

Are you excited to see Christina back? Do you think Shakira is a better judge/mentor? Sound off below.

Happy That Christina Aguilera Is Returning To The Voice?

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  • RadaR

    I voted YES…I’m just happy as long as she doesn’t release ANY new music. It’s uncomfortable to watch her even try…

  • Rico

    I like how she left saying that this wasnt a full time job for her, but since her music is doing awful I guess it is now… Sad to see Shakira go, she is such a humble person, much nicer than Miss Piggy but it’s best to leave while you’re on top and she has done great in The Voice… I will no be watching season 5

  • Juan Velazquez Caceres

    Happy she is coming back… She should release singles not albums at the moment…. Shakira might be humble, but she is NOT tv material… usher might be, even though I think during the blind auditions I was over the whole mentioning of bieber….

  • justin

    i like shakira but im happy about xtina coming back it would have been nice to see xtina and shakira on the show together but i dont know why the voice never has two females in the chairs. voice australia, voice korea, voice uk, and the spanish version of the voice all have one female on the panel. i wish they changed that format.

  • Rico

    Not TV material? … right thats why the ratings have increase this year, and aside from the gays that love the drama and a overexposed diva all the blogs and comments people leave seem to be pretty sad Shakira is leaving…. Juan, make sure next time you do some research before you make such a dumb comment…

  • ilog

    Definitely love, love, LOVE Shakira. So sad to see her go. She is such a lovely coach, she genuinely cares for her artists. Indifferent about Aguilera returning, frankly not impressed with her coaching style.

  • Jr.

    Christina just isn’t good at anything else but lending her voice for small bits and pieces as a featured artists on others’ tracks …shes not likeable cause she seems to be very entitled, not humble at all and her coaching is terrible …I’m gonna miss Shaki so much …now that’s good coaching, she’s such an amazing talent!