The Voice Season 2 Finalists: Who Has The Best Shot of Winning

Tonight marks the semifinals of the second season of “The Voice“. Doesn’t it feel like this season has been going on forever? Finally, it’s up to the viewers solely to dictate who moves on and who’s eliminated. While I love the blind auditions of the NBC singing reality show, I find that the judges have way too much power and for TOO long.

If you’re a regular reader of our site, you know we cover “American Idol” extensively. We’re also fans of “The Voice” but there were too many singers to talk about. Now that we’re down to only the Final 8, I thought it was the perfect time to discuss the remaining hopefuls.

Even though, there are four girls and four boys left, the NBC show is suffering a similar fate that has plagued “American Idol” the past few seasons. Only the men seem to be getting the love from the voters. Last week, on all four teams, only the men were saved by public votes, forcing the girls to sing for their lives and hope that their respective mentor would save them. With that said, I really hope votes simply don’t go down gender lines, because my favorite this year is a girl. Find out below.

Team Cee Lo Green

By far, Cee Lo has the strongest pair left. Hell, he’s had the strongest team since the blind auditions. If one of his members doesn’t win, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed. My personal favorite is Juliet Simms. I could (and have) watch her “Roxanne” performance over and over. I also wouldn’t mind a Jamar win. I became a fan of his when he sang “Hey There Delilah” during Hollywood Week on Idol a few seasons ago. He was Danny Gokey’s church BFF.

Juliet Simms

Jamar Rogers

Team Adam Levine

If the Maroon 5 frontman is hoping to win two years in a row, it’s not going to happen. While Cee Lo, has the strongest team, Levine has the weakest, IMHO. That said, I did enjoy last week’s eff you to Christina Aguilera courtesy of Tony Lucca’s Britney Spears performance below. Previously, XTina chastised Lucca (her former Mickey Mouse co-star) for being a one trick pony and having celebrity friends like Justin Timberlake pander for votes on Twitter for him. No one likes bad sportsmanship, Aguilera. FYI.

Katrina Parker

Tony Lucca

Team Blake Shelton

Blake has two very capable singers left, but for some reason I just don’t connect with them. Especially Jermaine Paul who loves to name drop celebrities he’s worked with *cough* Alicia Keys *cough* a million times. Best thing Shelton has done all season long was get rid of RaeLynn. Man was she annoying. TGIF she’s not singing in the semis.

Erin Willett

Jermaine Paul

Team Christina Aguilera

If any team has a shot of stealing the crown from Cee Lo this season it’s Aguilera. I’d be fine with either Lindsey or Chris taking it this season. Though Chris doesn’t shine as brightly when he’s not doing operatic numbers, he still has a great stage presence. Lindsey on her part has an amazingly unique and mesmerizing voice. She just needs to pick better songs.

Lindsey Pavao

Chris Mann

Ranking The Top 8

  • 1. Juliet Simms
  • 2. Jamar Rogers
  • 3. Chris Mann
  • 4. Lindsey Pavao
  • 5. Katrina Parker
  • 6. Jermaine Jones
  • 7. Tony Lucca
  • 8. Erin Willett

Now that I’ve ranked the remaining eight contestants, it’s time to make your “voice” heard. Tell me who you think is going to win the second season of “The Voice“.

The Voice Season 2: Who's Going To Win?

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  • I like Jamar, Katrina, Juliet, + Tony best. I wouldn’t mind if any of them won. I like Chris, too, but mostly because I think he’s pretty as f*ck.

  • Jay

    Juliet Simms is my favorite.

  • Dan

    I absolutely hate Adam’s team this year….I can’t believe he chose Katrina over Mathai… But now I’m rooting for Lindsey (even though her part of me rendition was horrendous)

  • Aaron

    Juliet is my favorite, but although Tony doesn’t have the strongest voice, I think he will win because of the mickey mouse connection and that fact that so many celebrities have openly said they are voting for him. It’s a shame that someone who is not the best will probably win BUT it’s the truth.

  • Joel

    I think if Jesse was still there, he would be struggling- it was a good move on Christina’s behalf because he’s not modern enough and although he had the strongest voice in the competition, he was of a different, less appealing genre. But I agree that Tony will most likely win.

  • Castiel

    Juliet is the BEST !!!! I’m rooting for her. Go!!!

  • Julie

    I hope Juliet Simms wins! She is awesome!!

    I still miss Pip though, loved him and thought Adam was stupid to get rid of him.

  • Caroline

    I just hope that all this “love” for Juliet will translate into votes next Monday. Last week she hit #1 on itunes with Crying and everybody was praising her, still, freaking Americans saved Jamar…