“The Voice” Crowns Season 2 Winner. Did Your Favorite Win?

After a Super Bowl premiere, months of twirling chairs and battle rounds, “The Voice” finally crowned its Season 2 winner. Between you and me, I was definitely surprised, if not shocked, by the results. But before we get to the actual results, I want to briefly discuss last night’s finale. Don’t worry, I’m not going to make you endure 110 minutes of filler like Carson Daly did last night. Instead, it’ll be two short paragraphs.

To say the results show was bloated, would be an understatement. That being said there were some moments, I actually enjoyed. You’d think all the high-wattage performances by Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Lady Antebellum and Hall & Oates would’ve stolen the show. NOT. Instead, what I enjoyed the most were the group performances by the Final 4 contestants. Each finalist invited former contestants to perform on stage with. It was interesting to see which eliminated singers Jermaine Paul, Tony Lucca, Juliet Simms and Chris Mann chose. It didn’t necessarily always fall within team lines. Personally, I loved Jermaine Paul’s group song on “I Want You Back” with Pip, James Massone & Jamar Rogers.

After Monday night’s penultimate episode, I predicted that the title would be between Juliet Simms and Chris Mann, with Tony Lucca and Jermaine Paul finishing in third and fourth. Simms wasn’t her best on Monday night, due to a cold, but I thought her stellar performances on “Roxanne” and “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” from previous weeks would carry her to the win. At least, that’s what I was hoping for. See if I predicted correctly.

Placing fourth and third respectively were Chris Mann and Tony Lucca. Color me surprised. I really thought Mann did well on his duet with Christina Aguilera on “The Prayer” and his solo on Josh Groban’s “You Raise Me Up“. The fact that these two weren’t the Final 2 speaks volumes on the drama their respective coaches created. In the end, I think, America was fed up with Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera’s bickering.

Speaking of the latter, I have always defended her. From her slutty “Dirrrty” phase, to her disastrous “Bionic” album, I’ve been on Team Xtina. But after her watching her on Season 2, I’m OVER her. She showed herself to be a super bitchy diva who had a really ugly side. The way she would continuously pick on Tony Lucca was beyond deplorable. The straw that broke the camel’s back was her bringing Tony’s family into her comments and saying Lucca’s choice for a Jay-Z track was demeaning to women, especially his wife and young daughter. Way harsh. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct. In the end, I think her behavior cost Chris Mann the title, which was unfortunate for him because he nailed it on Monday night.

In the end, Jermaine Paul beat out Juliet Simms for the title. I have to say, I was disappointed because I was really rooting for Simms. That said, Paul definitely killed it with R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly“. I just thought singing first, plus the fact another bald African-American male singer (Javier Colon) won the year before hindered his chances. While “American Idol” is the place to be if you’re an attractive white male singer, “The Voice” is your platform if you’re a bald black man with a killer voice. LOL. I kid.

Jermaine Paul walks away with a recording contract with Universal Republic and $100,000, along with a brand new Kia of his choice. Actually, all four finalists received a brand new car from Kia.

Future contestants, pay really close attention to the following. If we’ve learned anything from the past two seasons, it’s this… Pick Blake Shelton as your coach. He stays away from the drama and has a really loyal country following. Last year he placed second and this year he’s the winning mentor. On the flip side, I would avoid Christina Aguilera. Not only will you be collateral damage as a result of her flippant comments, but she probably won’t help you afterwards either.

When last year’s Final 4 returned last week, Xtina’s finalist, Beverly McClellan, was the only one not to sing her own single. Instead, she performed a duet with Cyndi Lauper on one of Lauper’s tracks. Hopefully, the same fortune doesn’t befall on Chris Mann as well. If given the write songs, he could be the next Michael Buble or Josh Groban.

What did you think of the results? Who were you rooting for? Were you on Team Christina or Team Adam in Tony Lucca-gate? Sound off below?

  • margaraet-anne cornett

    Thought Juliette or Chris Mann should have won – hands down

  • Clayton

    I would certainly not count myself among them but I’ve known classical singers as good or better than Chris Mann. We already have Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli and Celtic Woman so I think we’re set for popera acts. He’ll do fine anyway. Within a year he’ll have an album and an over-staged, pretentious accompanying PBS special called “Miracle” or “Enchantment” or “Wonder” or something along those lines with lots of doves, choirs and white suits with no ties.

  • Clayton

    Also I really hated his “Bittersweet Symphony”. I’m all for camp but that was not the right song. They stomped around on stage in matching outfits. IT’S “BITTERSWEET SYMPHONY” Ugh. And it looked like the fog machine was stuck on “Phantom: The Vegas Spectacular”. I also found the false-ending thing where they grunted in harmony three times unintentionally hilarious.

  • Clayton

    And when two singers are screaming “you can go your own way!” at each other I find it hard to take them seriously when they are, in fact, moving towards each other. The whole thing was disappointing.

  • Marck

    I’m #TeamXtina from heat and soul, and always will be, no matter what!

  • Zlatan’s Girl

    What I want to say has been said here so, carry on:

    Seriously, smh

  • Jay

    I was wishing either Chris Mann or Juliet Simms would win because Chris is cute and Juliet is my favorite, though Jermaine deserve to win just as much as the other two. Tony has no place in the top 4 in my opinion, but he really did not deserve Christina’s bullying.

  • Freev

    I have to disagree with the writer. I am a supporter of Christina and actually appreciated her honest comments. Why is she “rude” or “bitchy” when she calls people out in things that actually happened? Plus the song that Tony Lucca sang WAS offensive to women (especially when it was clearly directed to Christina). Good for her for speaking her mind. I appreciate that she does not hold back, plus it made for good TV.

    I am on her team for sure!

  • Ryan G.

    Team Xtina here, forever!

    Freev is correct with what he said. It was really offensive.

  • Clayton

    I’ve never cared for Christina and I’ve disliked Chris Mann from the beginning but I have to say I lost a lot of respect for Adam Levine this season. The way he treated Katrina Parker was really just not cool. She might have been good if she’d had a judge who gave a fuck. Tony Lucca himself started to wear on me to. He strikes me as extremely arrogant and self-entitled. I’m glad they were third and fourth.