The Voice Season 2: My Five Favorite Blind Auditions From Episode 1 & 2

Now that two episodes of NBC’s reality competition have aired, I thought it was the perfect time to chime in. Since Adam has taken over the reins of recapping “American Idol“, I thought I’d tackle on “The Voice“. The show has certainly gotten off to a great start due to its plum post-Super Bowl premiere. It trounced the viewers “Glee” raked in last year after the big event. I’m curious to see if it can maintain the momentum. If it does, “American Idol” might finally lose its throne come season’s end.

While I’m loving the chemistry with the judges, I’m a little underwhelmed with the blind auditions. Perhaps it’s due to audition fatigue from watching “X Factor” and “American Idol” or maybe the swivel chair appeal has worn off. Whatever it is, I’m not as excited as I was last year. That said, there are a few standouts worth mentioning. I definitely like the fact that we’re not treated to intentionally awful singers to fill time. I’m also glad that the show has addressed the professional backgrounds of some of the contestants. Full disclosure is always appreciated in my books.

Before I get to my favorite auditions so far, can we briefly talk about Christina’s boobs. I know they’re probably natural, but have those puppies gotten bigger since last year. Or are they simply a result of Aguilera’s weight gain or an ill-fitting bra? Whatever the reason, they sure are distracting. Even Blake Shelton commented that one of the contestants was being swayed by her décolletage. Another noteworthy item are Cee Lo’s eyebrows. Man, those are some sculpted and arced masterpieces. Now that I’ve gotten those things off my chest, let’s get to the auditions.

My 5 Favorite Blind Auditions (Ep. 1 & 2)

Angel Taylor

Song: Someone Like You by Adele
Stats: 23, Los Angeles, California

Adele covers are a dime a dozen these days and Angel’s was nowhere near perfect. That said, there’s a quality to her voice I’m really drawn to. In 2009, Taylor released her debut album, “Love Travels“, on iTunes. She’s toured with Adele, Gavin DeGraw and Sugar Ray. Fun fact. She’s the younger sister of Ebony Taylor who competed on ANTM Cycle 5.

Lindsey Pavao

Song: Say Aah by Trey Songz
Stats: 22, Sacramento, California

Props to Lindsey for picking an unexpected song choice. Even more props for throwing me for a loop when she chose Christina Aguilera as her mentor. I thought for sure she’d pick Cee Lo Green. If she keeps me on my toes for the remainder of the season, she’ll be one to watch. She’s already made an impact on iTunes. The show released her performance of “Say Aah” early and it’s currently at No. 38.

Chris Mann

Song: Because We Believe (Ama Credi E Vai) by Andrea Bocelli
Stats: 29, Wichita, Kansas

Score another one for Christina. The “Fighter” singer wooed this Josh Groban-like singer over to her team. Is it me or is Xtina looking like she’s going to win this season? Mann has a degree in Classical Voice from Vanderbilt University. His professional credits include touring with Idina Menzel (Wicked).

Tony Lucca

Song: Trouble by Ray LaMontagne
Stats: 35, Waterford, Michigan

Lucca is another contestant from Season 2 to land on the iTunes chart. His rendition of “Trouble” is currently No. 71. I have to say, I’m really rooting for Lucca. With Ryan Gosling, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera all achieving great post-Mickey Mouse Club success, it’d be awesome for Tony to share in some of that. He’s definitely got some serious pipes.

Jamar Rogers

Song: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
Stats: 29, New York, New York

When I first saw Jamar, he looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. After a quick Google search, I remembered he appeared on American Idol a few seasons ago. Then he was Danny Gokey’s best friend. Now, he’s a recovering meth addict and HIV+ volunteer for New York’s God’s Love We Deliver. Jamar’s “Hey There Delilah” cover from Idol is still one of my favorite Hollywood week performances ever.

Eliminated But Cute Eye Candy

Dez Duron

Song: I Want It That Way by The Backstreet Boys
Stats: 21, Shreveport, Louisiana

Granted, he wasn’t the strongest vocalist, but Dez is sure dang cute. I’m hoping he gets picked up as a wild card by one of the judges. Papa wants his weekly dose of eye candy.

What do you think of Season 2 of “The Voice”? Do you have an early favorites? Which judge is going to win this year? Sound off below.

  • zurvivor

    Interesting voices. Way better to watch this than Idol.

  • ADAM

    the sob stories are re dic u las and almost as awful as Idol . i am so glad that cute boy (dez)with the bad one octave VOICE didnt get through . it was obvious that christina doesnt get the concept of the show . she said twice oh hes so good looking , I WISH I KNEW I WOULD HAVE TURNED AROUND ! right there proves she is a dumbass and blows up the concept of the show . PS DONOVAN the point of the show is to find somebody with THE VOICE , not eye candy LEARN IT !

  • RYAN

    @ADAM gurl u serious?!?! the fact that no one turnaround for this guy means he got no voice and the concept of the show is still intact. keyword is “wish”, bitch go back to college and enroll in a semantic class! You Xtina haters are always finding things to twist! Get over yourself and get a life!!!

  • j

    If it was all about the voice then the judges would always have their backs turned. And the fans would be voting based on listening, not watching; it might as well be a show on the radio.

    The fact is that that it’s about the whole packaging – which includes image. Later on in the shows/finals there are dancers, bands, and other gimmicks involved, so it’s not strictly about the voice.

    That said, I hope that they get rid of the next round where singers are pinned against one another and the loser is eliminated; there were some eliminated singers who deserved to stay over some who stayed.

    I cannot believe that I am enjoying this much more than X-Factor USA (I still prefer the UK version as my favourite singing competition).

  • Nick

    @ ADAM and @ RYAN please, he was better than most of the people who made it, and not making The Voice was probably a good thing cause after his performance he was Trending on Twitter with people raging that he should’ve made it and that he should be back plus he ‘s getting recognition and actually performed with other singers live like Shaggy.