The Winner of “The Voice” Is…

It’s the night we’ve waited for all season long. Tonight “The Voice” crowns its first ever winner. Will it be Javier Colon, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez or Dia Frampton? More importantly, which judge will have bragging rights going into the show’s second season? Thankfully, the show was only an hour long tonight, and filled with only a few fillers. Carson delivered the results all within the last five minutes of the show. I wish they had spread it throughout the evening. For instance, reveal the fourth place singer, third and so forth in between the filler.

Before I get to the results, I’ll quickly go over tonight’s performances. Each of the finalists got to perform another duet, this time with someone other than their mentor. Vicci Martinez performed with the lead singer from Train, Javier Colon with Stevie Nicks, Beverly McClellan was joined by Ryan Tedder and Dia Frampton shared the stage with her coach’s wife, Miranda Lambert. Javier and Stevie’s performance was by far the best of the night. Tingles, tingles, tingles.

Going into tonight’s show, it wasn’t a surprise that this was going to be a two dog race. Both Beverly and Vicci ranked way lower on the iTunes chart than the other two singers, #11 & #25 respectively. Not that iTunes sales are the end all, be all, but I don’t think anything other than a landslide in votes could’ve propelled either McClellan or Martinez to the top. Sadly, the two lesbians are cut (BOO LGBT representation), leaving Dia and Javier as the Top 2.

Carson reveals the only 2% separated Dia and Javier. In terms of iTunes sales, Dia edged out Javier and ranked #1 to Colon’s #2. Sadly, the final results are revealed and Javier this time came out on top. I’m not overly surprised Javier won, considering the pimpage he got during NBC’s promotion of the show in the Spring. Dia on her part did remarkably better than anyone would’ve thought. She’s already proven herself to be a force on the iTunes charts, so I think she’ll be alright. Let’s just hope she doesn’t become the Justin Guarini to Colon’s Kelly Clarkson.

Now that the season is over, let’s take a look back on the show. Was “The Voice” all that it was cracked up to be, or were we all simply sucked in by the addictive blind auditions? There’s no denying that portion was the buzz water cooler portion of the show. The battle rounds proved better than I thought they would be, but the mismatch of some of the battles made it anti-climatic. Then when it came to the quarterfinals, I thought the judges had too much power by having the ability to save one of their singers. Same thing can be said for the semifinals where again they were severely allowed to affect the results with their division of their allotted 100 points.

All in all, I enjoyed the season but would like some changes for the second season. I want that social media chick out of there. Let’s just call her Mrs. Brian Dunkleman. Secondly, I would like the judges to have less power after the initial blind auditions and battle rounds. At that point, they should just become spectators and mentors and have no say in who advances.

What did you think of “The Voice’s” inaugural season? Did America pick the right winner? Who were you hoping would walk away with the title and the $100,000 and a recording contract. If Javier and Dia are the type of talent we get when singers are competing for just $100,000… imagine what kind of talent we’ll get when singers compete for the $5,000,000 grand prize for “The X-Factor“.

  • Voice Addict


  • So instead of going for someone amazing and really outrageous, like Beverly, Dia, or Vicci, America chooses Javier? And to think that only 2 percent of the votes collected separated the two of them is mind-boggling to me. What a Hot Mess!

  • CT

    I was thinking Dia was gonna win, even though the power rock lesbians had the best voices in the competition (we just won’t mention the “Good Life” performance), so I was suprised when Javier won, but I did start to come around to him after his duo with Stevie Nicks