The Voice Semifinal Results: Who Are The Final 4?

After a slight preemption by President Obama, “The Voice” got underway and delivered last night’s results. Well, not right away. Taking a cue from “American Idol“, the results show was an hour long. You know what that means, it’s time for some useless filler. Hopefully next season, the producers axe that entire backstage Twitter trending chatter from that blond chick aka Alison Haislip, the social media correspondent. LOL. After watching her talk about worldwide trending topics for weeks, I long for the cheesy Idol Ford commercials. Damn you social media correspondent.

The other fillers included a couple of live performances. The Final 8 sang George Michael’s “Faith“, while Cee Lo Green put a wig on and performed “Bright Lights Bigger City“. The only segment I found remotely entertaining was Blake Shelton taking Xenia and Dia Frampton on his private plane to a festival he was playing at. Like last night, both Dia and Xenia got up on stage to join him. But enough stalling on my part, let’s get on with the results.

So here’s how the judges’ points and the public votes factored in with the results. The judges were given 100 points each and allowed to distribute it as they saw fit between their two singers. The public votes were then converted to a 100% scale with each act receiving points depending on the percentage they received with their respective team. In essence, each act could score up to 200 points.

Before we get to the results, I have to comment that the judges definitely have the power on who makes the finals. Realistically, they could award one of their singers their entire 100 points, practically ensuring they advance. Because it’s virtually impossible for the other act to garner all the public votes. Shady, shady, shady. Thankfully, not one single judge completely favored one contestant over another. Well, one kinda did, but didn’t entirely sabotage it.

First on the docket was Cee Lo Green’s Vicci Martinez and Nakia. Green awarded a slight edge to Nakia and gave him 51 out of his 100 pts, leaving 49 to Vicci. In the end, it really didn’t matter as Vicci ran away with the public vote, with 75 points. This gave her a grand total of 124 points to Nakia’s combined 76 points (51 + 25).

Next up was Adam Levine who Carson Daly revealed gave Javier Colon 65 points and Casey Weston only 35. He rambled on how he played the game because he really wanted Javier in the finals. As wide a margin Levine gave, the discrepancy was even greater with the public. Javier got 73 and Casey scored 27, giving them grand totals of 138 and 62 respectively.

In the last two reveals, both Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera pussy’ed out and gave each of their girls 50 points each. Dia Frampton beat Xenia with the public vote and scored 106 to Xenia’s 94. On Team Xtina, Beverly McClellan edged Frenchie Davis by earning 107 points to Frencie’s 93.

In the end, this week was pretty much useless, since all four people advancing won the public votes during the quarterfinals. That being said, the finals should be interesting. The remaining singers have never been up against each other before so it’s anyone’s game, IMHO. I’m giving the edge to Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon since both of them beat their components by a huge margin. But who knows who actually scored the most votes. Dia or Beverly could’ve earned more votes, but were just involved in a tighter race between their teammate. Dia’s done pretty well with iTunes sales, so she could be a factor as well.

Now that the Final 4 are locked down, who are you rooting for? More importantly, which judge are you hoping walks away with bragging rights on being the best coach. I predict Javier will win this thing as he’s the only male left in the competition. The other three girls will split the girl power vote. To boot, Javier’s “Time After Time” cover is so far the best selling single from “The Voice”.

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  • Go Beverly!! 😀

  • Aaron


  • I wanted Frenchie to go on, but I still liked Beverly too, loose loose situation there. At least Beverly and Dia are still in.
    As mush as I hear all this talk about Javier being so amazing, he honestly just seems like that bubblegum american-idol guy to me. Fantastic vocal chops sure, I would murder to be able to sing with that kind of tone, but know soul to it, just a lot of vocal gymnastics.
    Vicci has no shot at all at winning. Nakia Had such a better stage presence and performance ability.

  • kevin

    I adore them all, so the decision’s tough. Vicky’s my favourite though, but I thought the same thing about Javier winning because he’s the only guy (plus mostly girls watch these shows anyways lol). I think it’ll be
    1. Javier
    2. Dia
    3. Bev
    4. Vicky

    I hope they all get record deals though.