The Voice Quarterfinals: Team Christina vs Team Blake (My Rankings)

We’ve seen both the blind auditions and battle rounds, and now we get to see what “The Voice” has in store for the quarterfinals. With 16 contestants still in the competition, I was worried NBC would draw this out and only eliminate one person a week like Idol. Thankfully, they’re much more expeditious than that.

Carson Daly informs us that tonight, only Christina Aguilera’s team and Blake Shelton’s will perform. Each competitor will sing a solo performance and then later, they’ll collaborate for a group one. He also reveals that only one person from each team will advance based on viewer votes and another one based on their respective judge’s discretion. Once again, each judge will lose half their team to only two remaining competitors. Me likey. So glad, “The Voice” is much more efficient. I don’t think I could commit the entire summer to this show.

Besides being more expeditious with their eliminations, another aspect of the show I love is the degree the mentors are involved with their team. Not only do they provide one-on-one coaching, but they also spend time as a team together like going out for dinner. And if that wasn’t enough, each judge joins their team for a group performance.

Another thing I love is the judges’ dynamic with each other. They fight like really close siblings. Though I think Christina is teasing a little too much. I think she’s overcompensating because she’s the only girl. Speaking of the judges, they opened the show by performing a medley of Queen’s hits. I liked that the show did that, but it wasn’t as fluid as their previous group performance from the show’s premiere. But enough about the judges, let’s get to the solo performances. Check them out below.

Team Christina Aguilera

The good thing about having all diva wannabes on your team is they make the perfect backup singers for you during the group performance (see later down the page). The bad thing is they have a tendency to be pitchy. In general, I think girls have it harder than boys during the live shows. More often than not, they pick songs with a wider range than most male counterparts. A couple of her girls even picked up-tempo tracks. Risky, risky, risky move for a live performance. Check out how her four girls fared below.

Raquel Castro

Song: Blow by Ke$ha

The backup dancers were not necessary at all. I guess producers wanted to start the show off with a bang. It’s a sad day when your performance makes Ke$ha sound like a vocal maestro.

Beverly McClellan

Song: I’m The Only One by Melissa Etheridge

Considering she had the cold, she sounded great. Definitely the best on Christina’s team tonight, but will America warm up to a bald-headed butch lesbian?

Lily Elise

Song: Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie

Ouch, my ears are still hurting from her butchering this Fergie classic. I was really looking forward to hearing her sing, but she didn’t bring it. EPIC FAIL.

Frenchie Davis

Song: When Love Takes Over by Kelly Rowland

It takes balls to take on a dance track as your first performance for viewer votes. Minus a couple shaky parts and that awkward voice crack, Frenchie delivered. Hopefully, she makes the cut.

Team Blake Shelton

Going into this round, I would’ve said Christina had the better team, but Blake’s team surpassed all my expectations. There wasn’t a bum performance from the lot. Too boot, they all have distinctive sounds that sets them apart from each other. No splitting of votes. They’ll be able to build fanbases much more easily than Xtina’s team.

Jared Blake

Song: Use Somebody by Kings of Leon

Perfect song choice for him. Almost too much, because it seemed like a copycat rather than a true artist.

Dia Frampton

Song: Heartless by Kanye West

WOW. That was a surprise. Dia did a great rendition of West’s track. Might I even say, it was better than Kris Allen’s version on Idol a couple of years back.

Xenia Martinez

Song: Price Tag by Jessie J

I’m not sure if the song was a perfect fit for her, but her tone really stood out tonight. Definitely one of the more unique voices in the competition.

Patrick Thomas

Song: I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack

We all know Christina has a hard-on for him, and probably a lot of teen girls and gays across America too. To boot, he delivered a pretty good vocal too. I’d be surprised if he didn’t make it.

My Rankings

1. Dia Frampton
2. Patrick Thomas
3. Beverly McClellan
4. Xenia Martinez
5. Frenchie Davis
6. Jared Blake
7. Raquel Castro
8. Lily Elise

I’m thinking Frenchie and Beverly will advance on Christina’s team, while Patrick and Dia will on Blake’s side. I can also see Xenia squeezing out Dia, based on previous goodwill.

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Group Performances

No question about it. Team Aguilera smoked Team Shelton a million times over for the group performance. It was time for Xtina to exact some revenge after Blake’s team collectively kicked her team during the solo performances. Considering the five ladies have never performed together, their chemistry was as solid as the original quartet of Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil Kim. There were moments of Shelton’s group performance that were nice, but their voices didn’t compliment each other as well as Christina’s diva brigade. And WTF did Blake choose a Maroon 5 song and not one from his songbook?

Christina Aguilera, Frenchie Davis, Beverly McClellan, Raquel Castro, Lily Elise

Song: Lady Marmalade by Pink, Mya, Lil Kim and Christina Aguilera

Blake Shelton, Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake, Dia Frampton, Xenia Martinez

Song: This Love By Maroon 5

  • snakey

    well … this show is a dutch format, an endemol entertainment original.

    so bien sûr its much smarter and more expeditious

  • CT

    is it true that an iTunes purchase counts as a vote? If so, I need to get Dia’s song to make sure Xenia doesn’t sneak past her into the next round