The Voice Quarterfinals: Team Cee Lo Green vs Team Adam Levine (My Rankings)

I have to commend “The Voice” producers for their production choices. Tonight’s two hour episode definitely flew by. Instead of making us wait til next week to hear last week’s voting results, they revealed them tonight. To boot, they began the episode with Christina’s team’s results and ended the show with Blake Shelton’s. They could’ve easily waited til the end for both revelations. That’s exactly what “American Idol” SLASH Nigel Lythgoe would do. Such a douche.

First to know their fate was Aguilera’s team. Carson Daly revealed that America voted Beverly McClellan in. YAY, for the butchy lesbian getting through on the public vote. Christina then mumbled and warbled her way through her thought process in picking her choice. After what felt like forever, she chose Frenchie Davis. Shocker… NOT. Both Lily Elise and Raquel Castro sucked so badly last week, it was a foregone conclusion.

At the end of the show, it was Blake Shelton’s turn to learn who the public loved. To no one’s surprise, Dia Frampton received the most votes. We later learned that Shelton had an idea it was her based on her iTunes sales performance of her “Heartless” rendition. In a far more expeditious turn, Shelton quickly shared his decision. He kept Xenia and let Jared Blake and Patrick Thomas go. A little shocking that he went with two girls, but you could tell he loves Xenia. Now that we learned last week’s results, let’s look at Cee Lo Green’s team and Adam Levine’s performances to see who has the best shot of making the semifinals.

Team Cee Lo Green

Tori & Taylor Thompson

Song: Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy by Andrews Sisters

These two sisters annoyed me when they were on American Juniors and that hasn’t changed over the years. They didn’t have a hell’s chance of advancing before the show, but after the sabotage stunt by Cee Lo Green, these girls are dunzo. Singing that gimmicky patriotic song for Flag Day practically sealed their fate. As much as I’m not a fan of these girls, they did look rather cute in their wartime outfits.

Vicci Martinez

Song: Jolene by Dolly Parton

Brilliant. Now this is what Casey should’ve done. Totally stripped, allowing her voice to shine. Vicci rocked this out the park. AMAZING. Powerful vocals with real intent, yet vulnerable. The only awkward thing about it was that weird transition between her guitar intro to the rest of the song. For a second, I thought the guitar strap was going to get stuck on her head.


Song: Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon

Ummm, he was no Kings of Leon. Hell, he wasn’t even a prince. I have no ideas what the judges were smoking. Not a fan. I know he was trying to come off sexy, but it came off more slimy. That said, I liked his new slicked hair style, but the eye stares were unnerving. And don’t even get me started on the fire girls in the background. WTF?!?!?

Curtis Grimes

Song: Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer

Deciding to transform “Addicted To Love” to a country track was a brilliant idea by Cee Lo. I like Curtis’ deep voice, but at times I felt he was mumbling rather than singing. I don’t think he’ll get by on viewer votes based on this, especially on the heels of Scotty McCreery winning Idol. Curtis came off as a poor man’s Scotty.

Team Adam Levine

Casey Weston

Song: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall

Adam Levine, you’re a fool. I thought Casey’s original vision for the song would’ve been off the hook. Just look at last week’s haunting performance by Dia Frampton and look how well she did on iTunes. That being said, Casey did well with the more uptempo arrangement. The more I hear her voice, the more I love it. She’s a modern day Stevie Nicks.

Devon Barley

Song: Stop and Stare by OneRepublic

Devon has a bigger voice than his small stature would state. Even as big as it is, it was drowned out by the overpowering background music. Stop and Stare… more like Leave and Pack. Adios buddy.

Jeff Jenkins

Song: Jesus Take The Wheel by Carrie Underwood

I thought Jeff was going to kill it on this song. Instead, he fell flat in a few instances. But when he was on track, he gave me chills. Even if he doesn’t go through on viewer votes, he’ll get in via Adam Levine’s save.

Javier Colon

Song: Angel by Sarah McLachlan

His voice is undeniable and clearly is “The Voice” of the competition. That being said, he needs to scale back on the runs and the oversinging. Had he listened to Adam Levine’s advice, this would’ve been phenomenal. Is there anyone that can stop the eventual coronation of Javier?

My Rankings

1. Javier Colon
2. Vicci Martinez
3. Casey Weston
4. Nakia
5. Jeff Jenkins
6. Curtis Grimes
7. Devon Barley
8. Tori & Taylor Thompson

Last week, I got 3 out of 4 right with my predictions. Yay, for me. This time around, the ones advancing seem pretty obvious. Of course, I probably just jinxed myself. LOL. On Adam’s team, Javier and Jeff will advance based on viewer votes and judge’s save respectively. I’m keeping my fingers crossed Levine picks Casey instead of Jeff Jenkins, but not very optimistic. On Cee Lo Green’s side, I predict Vicci Martinez will get the most viewer votes with Nakia squeezing in because Green seems to really love him. Maybe it’s that big boy physique bond they share.

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