The Voice Final Performances

All season long, I’ve commended the producers of “The Voice” for not following “American Idol’s” propensity to bloat episodes. For the most part, “The Voice’s” episodes were streamlined throughout all stages of the competition. We didn’t have to wait months to get to the Final 4. Every week was a bloodbath of talent, and I liked it. Of course I knew it couldn’t last. With the show being such a huge hit, it’s only natural NBC wanted to milk it for every second it could.

Tonight’s 2-hour episode was highly unnecessary. After last week’s poorly-reviewed group performance by the judges, someone thought doing another Queen cover would be a great idea. Granted “Under Pressure” was heaps better than last week’s Queen disaster, the show is about “The Voice” and not the judges. Don’t you think the judges are getting way too much airtime? If that wasn’t enough, the judges took the stage again later and performed duets with their team finalist.

As much as I love Ne-Yo, I didn’t need to see him perform with Pitbull on tonight’s bloated episode. The same goes for Brad Paisley. Tonight could’ve easily been an hour long, if you got rid of the musical guests, judges group performance, that annoying social media portion, and duet performances. Hopefully tomorrow’s finale will be better paced.

Original Song Performances

Each contestant performed an original song and a duet with their respective judge. Personally, I would’ve rather them sing another cover along with an original song. Putting such pressure to sell an original song is too much. They’re at the hands of the song given to them. Also, they’re either given an unfair advantage or disadvantage depending on which judge they’re paired up with. I love Cee-Lo, but I feel Vicci was hindered by singing along with him. But enough complaining, let’s get to the performances.

Going into tonight’s episode, I would’ve given Vicci a strong chance of winning this thing, but her song sucked ass, IMHO. The others clearly had better compositions. To me, the most believable was Dia and Javier. There were moments when I got shivers watching their performances. If I were to rank them, it would have to be Dia >> Javier >> Beverly >> HUGE GAP >> Vicci. Check them out below and see if you agree.

Javier Colon

Song: Stitch By Stitch
Composed By: Rodney Jerkins

Vicci Martinez

Song: Afraid To Sleep
Composed By: Butch Walker

Dia Frampton

Song: Inventing Shadows
Composed By: Frasier T. Smith

Beverly McClellan

Song: Lovesick
Composed By: Bill Appleberry

Duet Performances

With exception to Beverly McClellan and Christina Aguilera’s phenomenal duet on “Beautiful“, I could’ve done without all the duets. Don’t get me wrong, Dia and Javier’s duets were watchable, but completely filler material. Again, Vicci got screwed with that indulgent over-the-top performance. When I saw she was singing Pat Benatar’s classic, I was stoked. Words can’t describe how much I lurve that song. But those junior breakdancers, Cee-Lo’s outfit and pitchy moments, ruined what could’ve been a amazing performance. How that got the pimp spot is beyond me.

Dia Frampton & Blake Shelton

Song: I Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty

Beverly McClellan & Christina Aguilera

Song: Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Javier Colon & Adam Levine

Song: Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson

Vicci Martinez & Cee-Lo Green

Song: Love Is A Battlefield by Pat Benatar

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1. Javier Colon
2. Dia Frampton
3. Beverly McClellan
4. Vicci Martinez

Was it me, or were the other judges extremely reluctant to give Dia any compliments? For some reason, they all came off as sore losers that Blake’s singer is outselling all of their singers on iTunes.

Who do you think will win? Did you like the format of tonight’s episode? Was singing an original song a wise choice? Post all your thoughts below.

  • To bad it wasn’t the judges in the ring with the contestants, Vicci would have had the shit kicked out of her. Seriously, if she had done that tiny trill thing Celo told her to do one more time, I would have come over there and smacked her.
    Does Javier OWN any other clothes???

  • Mike

    You nailed it with your review. I have loved Vicci all season but as I tried to get into her original song, I couldn’t help but think “wow..this sucks.” I think her “warrior dance” didn’t help make the song believable.

    She CHOKED!

  • yanip

    I’ve noticed that 2 last night, the other judges seemed to be reluctant to give praises to Dia. Xtina was even able to turn the attention back to her by mentioning the comment done by Blakes weeks pass. Blakes zinger though was quite funny!

  • Jack

    Dia got screwed over by the judges she should have won the show, by far the best performances, i’ll admit Javier had the best singing voice, but his performances were forgettable and boring. Dia Frampton make a C.D. and i will buy 20 you rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!