The Voice Contestants’ Professional Pasts

When Frenchie Davis popped up on the premiere of “The Voice“, a few moaned that she shouldn’t be allowed to perform since she’s already had her shot at fame. Davis was infamously booted from “American Idol” during its second season. Topless photos of her popped up and the producers deemed her unworthy to compete for the Idol crown. Since then she’s appeared on Broadway in “Rent” and done various professional gigs. But that hit record remained elusive.

Now she’s back on TV and competing in another reality singing competition. She’s not the only one though. Not only have some appeared on Idol also, but there are others who’ve competed on other shows and even won them. Then, a few others have been signed to record labels and released albums. Maybe Taylor Hicks or Ruben Studdard should’ve thrown their hats in the ring too. They’re both doing squat these days. Would that be fair? Before you check out tonight’s episode of “The Voice”, learn about the professional pasts of some of “The Voice” contestants.

Tarralyn Ramsey

Tonight Tarralyn faces off against Frenchie Davis in the Battle Round. Both of them will try to out-diva each other on Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Before I knew about Tarralyn’s past, I would’ve named her the underdog. But that was then and this is now. Tarralyn won VH1’s “Born To Diva” hosted by Queen Latifah. She’s also released three albums. Not so much of an underdog, is she?

Tori & Taylor

Sisters Tori and Taylor Thompson also won a singing competition. When they were younger, they won the one and only season of Idol spin-off “American Juniors“. They along with Lucy Hale, who’s now on “Pretty Little Liars“, Danielle White and Chauncey Matthews formed a group and released a few singles.

Javier Colon

Current frontrunner and fan favorite Javier Colon released a couple of albums under Javier. He was signed with Capitol Records but was dropped due to underwhelming sales. His debut album only reached a peak of #91 on the Billboard Albums chart. Side note, his acoustic rendition of “Time After Time” has already surpassed all his previous efforts. It’s moved 46,000 units to date and landed at No. 65 on the Billboard 100.

Dia Frampton

Unlike the Taylor sisters who are competing together, Dia Frampton entered without her sister Meg. The two fronted a group named “Meg & Dia” and released several albums. They were once signed with Warner Bros and Sire Records before also being dropped for lackluster numbers.

Emily Valentine

Like Frenchie Davis, there are several who’ve competed in singing shows but never won. Emily Valentine appeared on American Idol Season 8. She competed as Emily-Wynne Hughes but only got as far as to Hollywood. You can watch her audition here.

Vicci Martinez

One of my early favorites, Vicci Martinez, also made it to Hollywood during Idol’s first season, but backed out on her own accord. In an interview she said “Just having to sing cover songs all the time, and [being told] what to wear — I just couldn’t do it,”. I guess she’s okay with singing covers now. GAG. She also made it to the semifinals of Star Search in 2003. I hate hypocrites and she’s no longer in my good books. It’s one thing to change your mind, but when you’re so pious and almighty it drives me insane.

Other singers who’ve worked in the industry include Serabee. She was signed to Universal Republic as Sarah Buras. Serabee also penned “Crazy Chick” for Charlotte Church. Tje Austin has opened for Trey Songz, Anthony David, and Dwele. Cherie Oakley sang backup for Carrie Underwood and wrote “Turn on the Radio” for Reba McEntire. Casey Desmond‘s songs have been featured in episodes of MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, Road Rules, and The Real World. Lastly, Raquel Castro appeared as Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s daughter in “Jersey Girl”.

I’m sure there are more who’ve worked in the music industry before. If you know of any, I’d love to hear about them. Do you think it’s fair that all of these singers deserve a second, third and fourth shot at fame? Personally, I’m okay with most of them except Tarralyn and the Taylor sisters. They’ve already won contests and shouldn’t be allowed. Imagine if Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood joined X-Factor if they’re ever dropped from their labels. I think “The Voice” is stacking the deck to try to kill the buzz of both Idol and X-Factor. What are your thoughts?

  • CJLP

    I don’t see what the problem is.

    I don’t think the show is solely about finding unknown singers (like AI) but more about overlooked talent.
    From want I understand, NBC prescreen the talent and few are selected to audition.

    If they are talented and want to pursue a music career, I don’t see why they can’t join a singing competition. I see it as just another option to get recognition. I don’t think they should denied an opportunity because they had some success else where.

    There are a lot of talented musicians out there, but unfortunately not enough record contracts.