It’s week two and we’re back “Beyond the Thunderdome“, I mean the Battle Ring. Doesn’t Thunderdome sound so much better though? Replace Carson Daly for Tina Turner and we’re all set. Last week’s matchups on “The Voice” were so good, I was a little worried I’d be let down this week. The second round of blind auditions totally sucked, compared to the premiere. The producers definitely stacked the first week.

While watching the episode, I began to wonder exactly how much time the judges spent coaching with their team. Even though the battle rounds are spread over four weeks, it’s clear they were all filmed the same day. In fact, I’m curious to know what the time was from the blind auditions to the battle rounds. Was it all filmed in just a couple of days? If so, poor contestants.

Back on hand to guest mentor the competitors this week were Sia, Monica, Blackstone and Reba McEntire. Speaking of which, I’m loving both Monica and especially Sia. Watching their expressions during the performances crack me up. Watch all of the battles below.

Tje Austin and Nakia

Song: Closer by Ne-Yo

At first glance, Tje looks to have the upper hand with the song choice. Ne-Yo’s hit track is definitely more geared towards his wheelhouse. But Nakia’s voice is so powerful, you can never count him out. They both give it their all, but I’m leaning towards Tje’s smooth melodic style rather than Nakia’s shouting. But hey, that’s just me. The three other judges disagree with me and lean towards Nakia. Cee-lo follows suit and picks him to advance, despite Monica’s input that Tje was more special. Me thinks Monica just wanted to bone him. LOL.

Elenowen and Jared Blake

Song: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough by Marvin Gaye & Tami Terrell

Let me preface this by saying, I love Elenowen. They’re so friggin’ adorable. Even though Jared claimed they might have the upper hand because they had two voices, I think they were actually at a disadvantage. While Jared was able to wail during his solos, the other two had to worry about harmonizing with each other. Then when they sang by themselves, it really punctuated that their strengths are when they sing together instead of apart. As much as I love Elenowen (the guy is soooo cute), Jared Blake owned them. Rightfully so, he advanced.

Angela Wolff and Javier Colon

Song: Stand By Me by Ben E. King

For me this was the best battle of the night. Not in terms of equal ability, because it was sorta like David vs Goliath, but rather to the chemistry. If these two formed a duo group, they would sell so many records. Their voices melded so well together. I don’t think there was a shot in hell Angela could’ve taken down the favorite Javier, but it was a valiant effort. She looked gorgeous tonight and that smile… so infectious. Unfortunately for her, she went up against Javier who has a voice to die for. Not shockingly, Javier advanced.

Beverly McClellan and Justin Grennan

Song: Baba O’Riley by The Who

Based on airtime, Beverly had the clear advantage. Justin barely got five seconds during the blind auditions. Too boot, Beverly’s personality is so strong and Justin is the complete opposite. I was rooting for the underdog and I thought Justin had a shot considering he was the only man on Xtina’s team. In the end, Justin was sent packing. The best part of this matchup occurred during Christina’s coaching of Justin. She went all diva with her hand motions while belting out a couple of notes. Xtina cracks me up. This show, much like Idol for Jennifer Lopez, is her Redemption Island to the viewing public.

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Did you agree with this week’s decisions? If not, I’d love to hear who you would’ve advanced instead of the judges. Post them below.