The Voice: Battle Week Three Videos

Ugh, two singing competitions to recap in one night. FML. Too boot, the Vancouver Canucks were playing to advance to the Stanley Cup finals. They won, just in case you were wondering. It was too much to handle in one evening. Thank God, for digital recording.

It was week three of the battle rounds and you know the drill by now. Each of the judges pit two singers to battle it out in the ring. Sia, Monica, Blackstone, and Reba McEntire were back to help the judges mentor the kids. IMHO, the battles this week paled in comparison to the previous two rounds. Hopefully this isn’t a sign that my interest is waning from “The Voice”. Perhaps, I’m feeling a little jaded this week since two of the decisions I didn’t agree with. Continue reading to find out which two.

Julia Eason vs Raquel Castro

Song: Only Girl (In The World) by Rihanna

Based on rehearsals, it looked like Julia had this in the bag. In the battle ring it was a whole different story. Raquel controlled her pitch issues for the most part, while Julia looked like she held back. To be fair, both sang the track better than Rihanna the first few times she sang it live. Wisely, Christina picked Raquel. She’s so freaking tiny.

Serabee vs Dia Frampton

Song: You Cant Hurry Love by The Supremes

When Blake selected these two singers to face-off against each other, I thought he was a little crazy. These two couldn’t be any more different. The judges all agreed as well and thought it was an odd pairing. Based on vocal ability, I would’ve picked Serabee but since Blake doesn’t like runs or oversinging he chose Dia. Like Tyler a few weeks ago, Serabee suffered from singing too well for Shelton’s liking. Blake is slowly making his way into my bad books.

Rebecca Loebe vs Devon Barley

Song: Creep by Radiohead

Going into this battle, I gave Rebecca the upper hand. Her rendition of Nirvana’s track during the blind auditions was so hauntingly perfect. I thought she had Top 16 written all over her. Given “Creep” was in the same vein as Nirvana, I thought this track was chosen to give her the slight edge. When you factor Devon never hearing the song, Rebecca had this in the bag. Sadly, she never lived up to her promise and Adam Levine chose Devon to advance. As much as I like Rebecca, Levine made the right call.

Kelsey Rey vs Tori and Taylor Thompson

Song: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Kelsey Rey was also another early favorite of mine. When she was pitted against the Thompson sisters, I was hoping this would be an easy pass to the next round. I don’t know what Cee-Lo was smoking. He picked T& T over my beloved Kelsey. BOO. I never was a fan of the sisters when they won “American Juniors” and nothing’s changed over the years.

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Did you agree with this week’s decisions? If not, I’d love to hear who you would’ve advanced instead of the judges. Post them below.

  • Gabriel

    Blake Shelton is so simple.

  • Votta

    I think Blake’s really smart (although I’m a bit biased towards Dia because I’m a longtime fan). He chooses singers who could potentially sell albums, and who have a unique sound. I was sad to see Tyler go too, but honestly I don’t think he would sell as many albums as Patrick Thomas. Also Serabee is over the hill, her voice ain’t that great, and she is kinda scary imho. Elenowen were cute, but they are not right from a competition standpoint.

  • Clayton

    Tyler was tasteful and smart with his runs. Serabee wasn’t. When Christina Aguilera looks at you like you’re oversinging…you’re oversinging.