The Voice: Battle Week One Videos

I was obsessed with “The Voice” after watching the first episode. Then I was ho-hum after the lackluster second episode. The talent just didn’t measure up. It was like going on a second date after spending a week romanticizing the rush of experiencing something new. With the blind auditions over, how would the show fare with the… (insert dum, dum dum sound) battle rounds. I can happily say, that I’m back to loving “The Voice”.

After I heard they were dragging out this portion of the competition to four weeks, I immediately groaned. I thought the time dedicated for the auditions was perfect, and dedicating four weeks for the next stage would be too much. But any trepidations I had are out the window after seeing tonight’s show. All the battles were riveting to watch. All the battles could’ve gone either way. It was the perfect amount to showcase without feeling dragged out.

Each judge had a celebrity guest mentor help them out as they coached each of their contestants. Australian singer Sia aided Christina, while Reba McEntire assisted Blake Shelton. Music producer Adam Blackstone and Monica joined Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green respectively. Yesterday I revealed the professional pasts of a couple of the contestants. I’m happy to say, one of them was eliminated tonight. I have no problem if you’ve had a record deal and then it went sour. What I don’t think is fair is if you’ve won a national televised singing competition before. But hey, that’s my opinion. Check out all of last night’s battles below.

Team Christina: Tarralyn Ramsey vs Frenchie Davis

Song: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) by Beyonce

For the first battle of the night, they pulled out the big guns. Literally. The heavily-touted battle between Frenchie Davis and Tarralyn Ramsey took place. In the video package, Tarralyn did not come off very well. There’s a fine line between competitive and downright bitchy. Love her voice, but girlfriend is a DIVA. No wonder she won VH1’s Born To Diva singing competition. I was originally on her side but she totally turned me off this episode. Glad Frenchie won. After eight long years, America finally gets to vote for her. Congrats Frenchie. You deserve it, but Sia & Xtina were right- you need to work out your tendency to go sharp.

Team Blake: Patrick Thomas vs Tyler Robinson

Song: Burning Love by Elvis Presley

For the second battle, it was Nashville straight cowboy versus west coast gay Mormon ginger. Like Christina, I wasn’t expecting that. They both did very well, but IMHO Tyler was the better out of the two. Cee Lo and Adam both agreed with me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t their or our decision but Blake’s. Surprise, surprise, he goes with the country singer instead of the pop powerhouse. Shelton gave some lame attempt at a runs/diarrhea innuendo joke about Tyler. Did he just hate crime Tyler? LOL. Coincidentally enough, Blake was accused of tweeting a homophobic comment last week and lambasted by gay groups. He apologized for any misunderstanding about his tweet. Personally, I didn’t find it offensive at all. I think people were reading way too much into it.

Team Adam: Tim Mahoney vs Casey Weston

Song: Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

For me, this was the toughest to call all night. I think it’s a lot easier to compare and choose between singers who are of the same gender. Both these two nailed it. Technically, it was a battle, but it felt more like they were on the same team trying to give a knockout performance. The other judges were split as well in their picks. Blake said he would go with Casey while Cee Lo was leaning towards Tim. In the end, Adam Levine picked Casey. I could see arguments for both, but picking Casey was probably the smarter move. If she does make it far, she’ll be far easier to package and market.

Team Cee Lo: Vicci Martinez vs Niki Dawson

All the judges thought this was the best battle of the night. In some respects, I agree with them. Both Vicci and Niki were hungry for it and laid it all out on the line. It really could’ve gone either way. I was leaning more towards Niki, but would’ve been okay if Vicci won too. Unlike the other battles, no judge stuck their neck out on the line besides the one who had to- Cee Lo. The F*ck You singer ended up choosing Vicci. But as Niki was walking away he told her to give him a call. I really hope he stays true to his word and helps Niki out.

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What did you think of this stage of the competition? Do you miss the blind auditions? Who are you rooting for? Place all your thoughts below.