Did you catch the Season 4 premiere of The Voice? What did you think of the new judges? While I like both Shakira and Usher, I hate to admit it, but I sorta miss Christina Aguilera. It’s not the same without her fan-waving and diva behavior. That said, I did enjoy Usher and think he’s a good fit for the show. Perhaps Mark Burnett can keep the “Yeah” singer and bring back X-Tina for the fifth installment.

It may seem like I’m hating on Shakira, but I’m not. The thing that I missed most was Aguilera’s sometimes bitchy banter with Levine and Shelton. I felt, for the most part, that the veterans were being overly nice to the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer. On the flip side, the contestants weren’t feeling the newbie judges. With one exception, they usually picked Blake or Adam over them. Shakira and Usher definitely have to up their car salesman tactics to score some of the more talented competitors. Speaking of the talent, the fourth season premiere featured a few promising individuals. I picked out my three favorites from the night. Check them out below.

The Voice 4: Episode 1 Best Auditions

Christian Porter: “Sexy and I Know It”

He’s cute and I love his rendition of LMFAO’s hit. I wasn’t alone, all of the judges except Levine turned around. In the end, he chose Blake. Personally, I think Usher would’ve been a better fit.

Judith Hill: “What a Girl Wants”

You might remember her as the girl who sang “Heal The World” during Michael Jackson’s funeral. Girlfriend brought it with this Christina cover. The producers definitely saved the best for last. She’s clearly the early frontrunner. All four judges loved her. She picked Levine which I don’t think is too bad of a choice. Usher would’ve been another suitable mentor.

Kris Thomas: “Saving All My Love for You”

It was a great Whitney cover and one from a boy nonetheless. Everyone thought he was a girl. To be fair, he did have a high voice and kept the lyrics from a woman’s point of view. Only Shakira turned around, but you can tell both Usher and Adam wished they had pressed their buttons. I think the Maroon 5 singer would’ve been the best fit since they both have high-pitched voices.

Coaches: “Come Together”

The foursome’s first performance wasn’t as great as the ones turned in by the original four, but a solid try.

Mark Andrew who performed “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” almost made my cut. Another favorite was that adopted Asian chick (Leah Lewis) who sang country. Too bad no one picked her? What did you think of the contestants? Who were your favorites? Do you like the new dynamic between the judges? Sound off below.